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Britain blocks Russian request at UN to examine evidence of media Bucha allegations. Plus a flurry of other diplomatic activity.

4 APR, 16:47

Russia to insist on UN Security Council meeting on Bucha situation on April 4 — envoy

It was stated that the British presidency of the Security Council is trying to deny us Russia’s right to request a separate Security Council meeting on the terrible Ukrainian provocation in Bucha

UN, April 4. /TASS/. Moscow will insist on holding a UN Security Council meeting on Monday over the provocation in Bucha, despite Britain’s attempts to refuse to organize the meeting, First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said.

“It is hard to imagine and realize, but the British presidency of the Security Council, which has just begun, is trying to deny us our right to request a separate Security Council meeting on the terrible Ukrainian provocation in Bucha. We requested the April 4 meeting at 3 P.M. (10 P.M. Moscow time – TASS), 24 hours before the scheduled meeting [on Tuesday] in full compliance with the Security Council’s rules of procedure,” Polyansky said in his Telegram channel.

“We will insist that the meeting be held on Monday, as requested,” the diplomat said.

“We are shocked at the scale and brutality of the staging organized in Bucha in the best traditions of ‘white helmet cinema,'” Polyansky pointed out, “Today’s Ukrainian neo-Nazis are completely faithful to Goebbels’ old Nazi school of provocations and are trying to shift the blame to Russia.” He noted that “there are striking inconsistencies and mistakes in the production.” “It has already been refuted on the Internet,” he noted.

Polyansky added that the British are trying to use procedural excuses to reject the Russian initiative because another UN Security Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday on a broader issue. “They obviously want us not to bring this up separately because it would cause reputational damage to Western countries that have already accused Russia of killing civilians in Bucha. But it won’t work, and the world will know the truth,” he said.

Polyansky reminded the British that such actions are not worthy of a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and Russia, as chairman of the Council in February, “despite all the Ukrainian provocations and the tense situation on the ground, has not opposed a single meeting on Ukraine, no matter how much time has passed since its request.” “London, on the other hand, has now compromised the presidency of the Council from its inception. We hope that the obvious commitment to respect Council traditions will prevail over dishonest tactical calculations,” he concluded.

Two Security Council meetings

Ukraine on Sunday requested that the UN Security Council meet on Tuesday to consider, among other things, the situation in Bucha. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is expected to speak at it. Later on Sunday, Russia asked the Security Council president to hold a meeting on Bucha.

According to Council procedure, the president is required to convene a meeting no later than 24 hours after receiving the request. However, the president can state that, for various reasons, he received the formal request much later than it was sent. As a result, the president has a formal right to convene a meeting later than the requesting country would like.

In addition, there is a practice where the president can decide to discuss related topics in the framework of one meeting of the Security Council without scheduling a second one within the required procedural time. The last time agendas were merged was in 2018, when Ukraine and Russia also proposed to discuss related topics.

Moscow to respond to expulsion of 30 diplomats from France — diplomat
Earlier, the French foreign ministry informed that it was expelling several Russian diplomats, whose actions run counter to France’s security interests

The most important unaddressed issue is the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Ukraine, while the media permits Ukrainian atrocities and broadcasts fake Ukrainian news.

4 APR, 17:40

Ukraine humanitarian situation worsening through Kiev’s fault — Russian top brass

The Ukrainian authorities and nationalist battalions continue blocking citizens in cities, the statement reads

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is worsening primarily due to actions by the Ukrainian authorities and nationalists, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said at a meeting with UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“The Russian deputy defense minister said that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is deteriorating. This is taking place, first and foremost, due to the actions by the Ukrainian authorities and nationalist battalions that continue blocking citizens in cities,” the statement says.

The Russian Defense Ministry showed concrete evidence of the genocide and atrocities by the Ukrainian leadership and militarized units against civilians, the ministry said.

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  1. Aldous says:

    Zionist Occupied Britain is an evil entity. The ‘City’ is not part of it in the black heart of London and needs taking out. Hopefully either the Russians or Chinese will deal with it with one of their nuclear-tipped Easter Bunnies.
    Same goes for D.C.
    Nuclear-tipped Easter Bunnies with Ukrainian/Uranium attitude.
    The Nuke Bunny gift that keeps on giving after 20 or so thousand half life years.

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    3 City States that control the world, and their rolls:

    City of London – FINANCE: Receives taxes from their subjects (slaves) in
    Canada and the United States. They design and control our financial and
    banking systems.

    Vatican City – RELIGION: The Pope wants to merge all the religions into
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    Washington DC – MILITARY: Death camps and stacks of black plastic
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