Bertrand Russell – Society is a Conspiracy to Enslave Its Members

Satanist court jester, “philosopher” Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970

In The Scientific Outlook,1931, Freemason
Bertrand Russell described the neo-feudal society
consisting of rulers and slaves that is emerging today.

“Russell was not only predicting this would happen, but stated that it would happen in the future.  Obviously it was planned, and the things Russell talked about then are happening now.  He could not have been so prescient without being part of that elite class who are implementing the plan to deconstruct our heretofore God-fearing world.”   Edward Menez

The British philosopher, essayist, social critic and Freemason Bertrand Russell…wrote in “The Scientific Outlook” in 1931

On those rare occasions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw himself wholeheartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted. But if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send hi to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt.

Think Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bo Jo…think most of our traitorous so-called leaders.
Summary by Edward Menez
 “The Scientific Outlook” (1931) by Lord Bertrand Russell was a book promulgating the idea of “monopolistic capitalism” (think BlackRock),where everything would be owned and run by a technocratic elite class.
The rest of us would be turned into “goblins”, or a peon slave class.  Note that just two years later in 1933, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” was published, which espoused many of the same ideas, including the class structure of Alpha, Betas, etc.

Russell was an atheist who believed in the power of science.  Perhaps we ridicule those who make idols of “the science” today after seeing what that has brought us by following Fauci, Gates, et al.  Russell promoted the previous 19th century “science” of Darwin, for example, which tried to make atheists out of us all by claiming we evolved from apes on a spinning ball planet created out of nothing from the Big Bang.

This followed from the “science” of Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century, with his idea of gravity (a theory, mind you), which was needed to reason away why people were not falling off the bottom of the globe.  So we’ve been indoctrinated with whatever the elite tell us is science for a long time….an awful, long time.

bertie-cover.jpgOne thing Russell mentioned specifically was fertilizers as a key thing to control world production of food.

On page 120 of “The Scientific Outlook” Russell continues his speculation about food: “The problem of producing fake food is purely chemical, and there is no reason to regard it as insoluble.  No doubt natural foods will taste better, and rich men, at weddings and feasts, will provide real peas and beans, which will be mentioned by the newspapers with awe.  But in the main food will be manufactured in vast chemical factories.  The fields will fall out of cultivation, and agricultural labourers will be replaced by chemical experts.”

Fertilizer shortages?  Fake, GMO food?  The US government paying farmers one-and-a-half times the value of their crops to destroy them?  Isn’t that exactly what we’ve seen in the news lately?  Russell also mentioned in 1931 the idea of weather modification to aid this food supply shortage.

Another idea Russell mentioned was to change our DNA and he essentially introduced the idea of transhumanism.  In a later work two decades later, “The Impact of Science on Society” (1952), Russell says birth control is not the only way to reduce population, but he advocated for inventing new methods of that soft genocide.  War is another way for population control, he says, but it has not killed enough people.  “Perhaps bacteriological war would prove more effective”, Russell concludes in this later work.  Does Covid-19 ring a bell?

Finally, besides killing people and starving them nutritionally with fake food, Russell was a proponent of controlling the survivors and their minds….but only of the non-elite, of course.

“Hollywood is the new high priest of the Hollywood religion”, Russell proclaimed.
This culture war on us would be extended to create a mono-society, and the slave class would be initiated into a global government without us even knowing it.
The Great Reset, anyone?  Russell also said it was time to abandon the nation-state and the gold standard… prescient!

bertie9.jpgLord Bertrand Russell was a 20th century version of a long line of philosophers and scientists, stemming from Darwin, back to Newton, and even further back to Copernicus and Galileo.

What do all of these people have in common?  They were all Masons, and we know by now that Masons were the go-fers of the satanic Jewish banker overlords.
This “Great Reset” we are now living under didn’t just start with the World Economic Forum and Henry Kissinger’s bum-boy, Klaus Schwab.
 Lord Russell helped push us along this path by promoting his atheistic transhumanism and elite control of society under a one-world government, with the centuries-old goal these Satanic elites have been striving for all along: the destruction of God.
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