Battle for Donbass looms, as German Industry Warns Gas Cut Off. Good Summary.

Anthony Mercouris backtracks and explains how Russia’s military strategy has unfolded.

There never was any intention to take Kyiv.

The plan from the beginning was to tie down troops and expose Ukrainian vulnerabilities, while the Ukrainian forces in Donbass are cut off.

Not all Russian troops have been withdrawn from around Kyiv, as yet.  Ukrainian advances are simply Russians pulling out.

The main battle coming and the main target of Russia’s military is to liberate Donbass.

Ukrainians have had success in Belgorod, inside Russia – two helicopter gunships attacked the oil storage facility.

Ukrainians say the attack was nothing to do with them.  Baffling.  Maybe Ukrainian political leadership was not happy attacking Russia directly.  ……TAP – was it a Western operation?

Zelensky attacked two military generals accusing them of treason – one a senior intelligence official.  Is it an indication that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are going well?

Boris Johnson was not happy with the agreements being made between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators, and he called Zelensky.

The British want war to go on and make money – as usual.  Not so the people affected.

TAP – Ukrainian helicopters also succeeded in extracting from and supplying Mariupol, which surprised the Russians who assumed there was air cover.  Watch those Ukrainian helicopters!!  Three shot down so far there, but they had been flying in regularly according to captured Ukrainians.

Major build up of Russian forces of Donbass.  The move south from Izyum? Massive Russian artillery fire.




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