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5 Responses to “A video showing that the vaccinated are chipped; walking around a UK supermarket”

  1. saraya says:

    creepy ,please ditched the 5G ph.
    detox….C60 with mms sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid….

    pray hard….connect with the Sovereign Father/Creator…

  2. ian says:

    I wonder what would happen if you tried to connect with the numbers or ring them?

    • danceaway says:

      Ian, from what I have read/seen, the numbers showing are not a phone number but something called a MAC address; I believe it was explained by La Quinta Columna, the Spanish scientists.

  3. Gordon says:

    80% of vaccinated woman’s breast milk is inorganic!

    Milk of Vaccinated Women Contaminated


    • danceaway says:

      I am glad to see this has been clipped, Gordon. Thank you for posting it.
      The doctor speaking is Dr Carrie Madej, and the programme was Critically Thinking – the 5 Docs – 24 March. I was thinking of posting it for this portion, but the programme is long, this comes toward the end, and in the meantime I lost track of it, and although I have searched on bit chute, I have not found it.

      What I thought equally as alarming was that an unvaccinated woman, who was around many vaccinated people, also had breast milk which was making her baby ill, and she had to stop breastfeeding.

      As to the black eyed babies. A neighbour recently showed my, on his phone, photos of his one month old baby granddaughter. He proudly told me that she has beautiful blue eyes; knowing that he and his family are all in with the narrative, I was looking very closely at the photo.
      I know what blue eyes look like; my father, my late husband, and my granddaughter, all have blue eyes, and they are light and bright. This baby’s eyes looked very very dark to me; in fact, they looked black in the photo, but then it was just on a phone.

      He also explained in another photo that she should not be propped up vertically as she was at such a young age, but “she can hold her head up.” Another characteristic mentioned by La Quinta Columna.

      Other than this, the baby looked very normal, thankfully, as some of these babies do not look normal; they look “old” among other characteristics.