More planes squawk in the Yorkshire ‘Menwith’ Triangle.

By chance this is in the same area as the farm fire which took place on the Saturday before near Silsden where 18 fire crews attended and all roads were sealed off for hours, and the incident was reported by the BBC as a haystack fire.
A commercial Jet2 squawked in a similar location two days previously, all nearby to Britain’s eaves-dropping centre at RAF Menwith.  Is this now to be referred to as The Menwith Triangle?
The plane’s direction is heading to the south west, twenty miles away from RAF Menwith, which was in line of its flightpath.

By ROSIE JEMPSON, Daily Express

Flight emergency: What it means when a plane ‘squawks 7700’

A British Aerospace Hawk T45 was flying over Bedale on Tuesday (26th April) at around 10:30am, when it transmitted the signal near Burneston, Bedale.

The code means that the aircraft has an emergency situation.

It could mean any emergency or ‘Mayday’ situation such as engine failure, pressurization problems, other technical problems, or medical emergency.

But usually, the alert is triggered due to engineering issues.

raf flight

RAF Hawk signal over Yorkshire (Image: ADS-B)

The RAF jet issued the signal over Bedale, Yorkshire (Image: Getty)

It has not yet been confirmed what the emergency is.

The military aircraft was flying at around 500ft at the time it issued the alert.

Last week, another RAF jet declared a 7700 emergency above Wales.

The Hawk T2 model issued the alert when flying above the Caernarfon area while flying at an altitude of 22,300 feet and travelling at around 346mph.

It is unclear what caused the emergency but according to Flightradar24 the jet was forced to land at 1.19pm after a total flight time of 24 minutes.

The plane was flying at around 500ft when it issued the alert (Image: Getty)

On the same day, a separate plane flying from Palma de Mallorca to Edinburgh issued a 7700 ‘Squawk’ code.

The Jet 2 flight issued the emergency signal at 6,000ft in the air.  (That’s a commercial flight, not RAF)

The  has recently said the use of a 7700 signal is not “uncommon”.

RAF Lossiemouth’s official account posted to Twitter: “Setting a squawk of 7700 isn’t uncommon in these situations and is simply a precaution.

Was the plane actually a USAF plane?  Reported as RAF in error?  Some say the RAF has no T-45s.

To add to this, I’m well aware that it’s a modified version of the Hawk training aircraft the RAF use but I’ve never seen the RAF fly this version, I’ve only ever seen the US Airforce use it for aircraft carrier training

Edit: Thanks cabbageman, US Navy not Air Force

Never seen the RAF fly this before (T45A Goshawk)
byu/shrimpymcshrimp inflightradar24

UPDATE – ASW Helicopter squawks 7700 today while flying over English Channel.  And another flight (The same Jet2 commercial flight to Edinburgh mentioned above) squawked while flying over the Yorkshire Dales.  The area is becoming squawk central.  Also the place where the haystack fire led to all roads being closed.

Jet2 emergency: Flight from Alicante to Edinburgh squawks 7700 alert in mid-air incident | UK | News |

US military aircraft experiences in-flight emergency over East Anglia (

4:th emergency today: Squawk 7700 (general emergency). G-BNLM (British Airways B744) from San Francisco to London.

TAP – With so many squawks 7700 happening in such a short period of time, and at least two near Menwith) something is causing them.  If British radar defences are all switched on to the max, trying to anticipate Russian missile attacks, this could be upsetting navigational systems in aircraft of all types, over an extensive area.

The problem is that we have not been told that Russia has already fired missiles at the UK.  It’s time the government owned up to the mess they are causing by supporting Ukraine with serving British soldiers and weapons.  We must stop supplying Ukraine, pull out of NATO and talk to Putin.  Only one political party in Britain has a peace agenda and peace policy.  They are the English Democrats.  Join them now.  DOnate and vote for them.  Unless you like endless war across the globe as brought to us by the LibLabCon.

UPDATE – this post was temporarily suspended by hands unseen.  It seems it’s now returned.  If not, then see the comments for more details.  All I am asking for, is that the government admits that Britain is already under attack by Russian missiles, and people know what Britain’s insane policies in Ukraine are achieving – and possibly are going to result in.  we have no business to be there, and we are going to see some very serious repercussions very soon if we continue.  Putin has warned over and over, but our government refuses to listen.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    Amazing – my whole post has been deleted, bar the thumbnail and intro. The T45 Hawk is not flown by the RAF according to a flights enthusiast website. It was possibly a USAF plane that squawked 7700 over Yorkshire. That detail is not covered by The Daily Express.

    A navy helicopter squawked today over the English Channel. Another Hawk squawked 7700 over Holyhead. Daily Express is reporting these incidents. Three commercial airliners have squawked 7700 recently in addition. It seems like Britain’s radar defences are switched on to the max to be able to defend against incoming Russian missiles which have already hit home on RAF Welford. The intense radar could be upsetting navigational equipment on aircraft of all types – commercial, military, jets and helicopters.

    An air monitoring website said there were 4 Squawks 7700 in one day. The link was in the part of the post above which was deleted by hands unseen.

    The problem is the government is not admitting to the chaos being caused by its policies in Ukraine, supplying weapons, and sending serving soldiers to kill Russians. The Russians issued an ultimatum on the 13th April warning that if the US and the UK carried on, this would have ‘unintended consequences’. The ultimatum was flat rejected by both the UK and the US. The next day RAF Welford was hit. And a series of strange events have occurred since – as I try to post on this blog…meteorite strikes, haystack on fire attended by hundreds of firemen with all local roads sealed off to traffic. Possibly a downed aircraft but how could we know? Commenters claim the interference could be Russian radar jamming killing the navigational aids, flight control systems of the aircraft affected. That would not be surprising.

    • newensign says:

      I think your scenario is most likely Tap, but there could be other possibilities. For example it could be the Russians were testing their plane radar jamming equipment or a combination of both sides’ radars. Then there is also the possible effect of piolets having the jab. All because of the insane policies of Boris, but perhaps not so insane when one considers the agenda of the hidden hand!

      • Tapestry says:

        Indeed NewEnsign. There are two 7700s very near Menwith. If the farmyard fire was a downed plane, make that three incidents over Menwith in three days. The jabs couldn’t do that!

  2. Tapestry says:

    There is only political party in Britain that believes in peace – and has a peace policy – The English Democrats. The LibLabCon all want war. We must pull out of Ukraine immediately. Talk to Putin. If you want peace vote for The English Democrats. Join The Party. Donate. Vote.

    • Derek says:

      The English Democrats have my sympathy, but I won’t be voting. Their emails are all about offering free badges for which P&P is extortionate and take weeks ro deliver. They seriously need to pay attention and get some serious public image above suitcase salesmen.

      • Tapestry says:

        I would say that they have a market Derek and supply it well. Like you such things have no interest to me, but their anti-war policy, pro-Brexit, pro-English Parliament positions are of great interest. They spend a lot of money on court cases, election deposits and so on. But these guys are not slick salesmen as you seem to suggest. They are lawyers who are not sold out, trades unionists who still act for their people (The English Workers Union). They are not tuned in to sales and persuasion techniques of business at all. That’s where I come in!!!!!

        UKIP did very well persuading people to buy and wear Pound signs. We only managed to keep the £ Sterling by the skin of our teeth. Maybe the merchandising made a bit of difference.

        The new English Democrats leaflet has had 15,000 printed focused 80% on stopping the war. We don’t want a war Derek. We really don’t. All other political parties are controlled by war money, and are a waste of time if we wish to survive. The English Democrats are the only option politically. There is no other. Take it or leave it.

        Would you like to see a copy of the leaflet – electronic style? I can email or put up as a post on tap News….

        Britain is already being hit with electronic warfare and missile attacks. It’s only not a war because people don’t yet know as the media hides everything.

        No doubt we’ll be subjected to an evil false flag which will be blamed on the current bogeyman. The time for people to awaken is twenty years ago!!!

      • pete fairhurst says:

        No, we certainly don’t want a war. Wars do not help ordinary folk in ANY way WHATSOEVER. Wars are for rich bankers and the like. They are behind ALL wars, which they deliberately create. Sometimes it takes them decades to set wars up, as per Ukraine. Ditto WW1 and many many others

        Ordinary folk have NOTHING to gain from any war. They usually THINK that they have a dog in the fight, but they NEVER do. They think like that because they are unwise enough to listen to controlled media whose main purpose is to brainwash the masses. All they have to do is turn off the tv/radio/computer/phone and they are safe. But they are conditioned, and addicted to devices, after many decades of propaganda. They think that the BBC is impartial and balanced, ha ha ha, give me strength

        Anyone who stands back and asks themselves a few questions can soon see for themselves that there is NOTHING to gain by supporting this war. What has Ukraine got to do with the UK? It is thousands of miles away, it is not in the EU, it is not in NATO. So why are we involved? We have no strategic imperative, we have nothing to gain, we’ve got lots to lose. Wake up folks and smell the coffee [fat chance]

        Yes, the ConLabLib party are the war party, they always serve the rich’s agenda, they are not to be trusted. Good luck to the English Dem’s, they are going to need it to make any sort of impact

  3. ian says:

    Great comment and advice pete.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Pete and Ian. There very few ways to access the minds of the public. Blogs are one but not many sheep stray away from the flock to take a look. Still worthwhile though. Political parties that are not penetrated or owned are very rare, and can do masses to move public awareness, sometimes as they get publicity, but also sometimes because they don’t. I remember when it seemed impossible to stop the Euro and the loss of Sterling, when Brexit was not even a word. It was the tiny political parties like the Referendum Party, UKIP as it then was which swung things round. You only need 2% of the electorate, if a highly motivated 2% to start making significant waves. Stop The War should get a lot more support than that. Watch this space.

    UKIP was already a strange and bizarre political vehicle in 1999/2001 but it served its purpose for the activists most of whom have moved on since that time to other fronts. Small parties have possibilities which the major parties don’t have.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      A very interesting perspective from your real world previous experience Tap. It has given me plenty food for thought. No doubt you will keep us posted and I will keep my eye out for sure

      We certainly need some representation going forward, no chance from the One Party

      My local MP is awake, certainly he was about covid, [we exchanged correspondence at the start of the Plandemic]. He is a Conservative and, in my direct experience, is also a very good constituency MP. But he is hamstrung by his party, and also his need to represent his constituents who are mainly pro war, no doubt, so he can’t really help

      • Tapestry says:

        MPs have to toe the line or face reprisals. Paul Marsden (Labour in Shrewsbury) tried to be anti-war in 2001 and found himself being physically and verbally assaulted in The Commons. He swapped to become a Liberal Democrat MP and found it no different. He left politics. I know him personally. MPs who oppose war tend to pass away out of the blue – Robin Cooke, John Smith and Michael Meacher in Labour. Various Conservatives in 1939 were eliminated making way for Churchill.