A concise summary of a means of depopulation from Whistleblowers in Moderna Manufacturing

Source : Moderna manufacturer tipsters


The key points of this information are that –


  1. Only about 50% of the mRNA in the vax codes for the Spike; the remainder has unknown effects
  2. The ingredients are kept a strict secret even from those operating the manufacturing plants
  3. mRNA for mutant versions of proteins CYP19A1, and CDKN1B are also added to the vaccine. These mutant versions cause loss of fertility.
  4. Adjuvenants are added that upregulate LINE-1, causing reverse transcription of the above mentioned mRNA for CYP19A1 and CDKN1B, so that these mutations become integrated into the DNA and passed on to the next generation.
  5. LNPs specifically target the Liver and Gonads (as found by the Japanese study)


So there you have it. A concise summary of a means of depopulation, that would become effective in causing ovarian failure now, and especially in the next generation of women

I checked the effects of upregulation of CYP19A1, and found that it DOES target reproduction – CYP19A1


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