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Ukrainians and Russians are brothers.


Disowned by friends, family – USA is now a Fascist country.  Homeland Security.  Domestic Terrorism Act.  These laws make people speaking out into terrorists with no civil liberties.

Essentially Russians and Ukrainians are brothers, who don’t hate each other.  It’s the western takeover of Ukraine by the West, which has to be brought to an end.  The West has supported the Nazis in Ukraine like they support ISIS in the middle east.  The United States triggered this war by pushing Russia too far.  Russia should have fought back earlier.

Jareth Copus in an amazing interview about his personal journey, the “rat line” he created in Kiev, Ukraine, Donetsk, Georgia, Moldova and elsewhere.

He’s an author: Preparing for the Worst and Ukraine Forever a Pawn.

Can be purchased on his website: www.rodionpress.com

Commentary on United States media going full-on Fourth Reich.

Putin’s popularity rating is 79%.

Russia is proceeding carefully trying to avoid civilian casualties, while denazifying the Ukraine.