“When the Fact Checkers Say it’s a Hoax…You Almost Know it’s True”

Julian Conradson – The Gateway Pundit March 10, 2022

We are in the middle of a ‘misinformation crisis,’ according to Dan Bongino, and no, it’s not due to wild right-wing conspiracies as claimed by the fake news media.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Things have gotten so bad that when the media fact-checkers come out and label something a hoax, you can almost be certain that it’s true.

This was proven once again this week with the claims of US-funded biological weapons research taking place in Ukraine. The rumor, which was partially confirmed yesterday by Biden’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, is that the Ukrainian bio labs are reportedly co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and Russia’s current military operation is unofficially working to either secure and/or destroy these labs while they also gather evidence.

Biden Official Victoria Nuland Admits to Biological Research Labs in Ukraine Following China and Russia Reports (VIDEO)

Naturally, the untimely revelations spooked the DC Swamp and sent the fact-checkers into high-gear to attempt to quash the story, but as we have all seen, the difference between fact and wild right-wing misinformation is just a little time – and that little amount of time between the turnaround has shrunk from a few months to just a matter of days/hours, as of late.

Even The Gateway Pundit was hit with a bogus fact check violation for a story about the Ukrainian Bio Labs that was circulating on Facebook. Ignoring all evidence to the contrary, including several records on multiple US Government websites confirming the existence of the US-funded research facilities and their work with dangerous bioweapons, AFP fact check predictably labeled the claims as “unproven” misinformation and censored the story.

This was just hours before Nuland made her stunning admission on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, proving once again that the fact-checkers aren’t checking for facts at all; they are monitoring the narrative.

Dan Bongino gave his thoughts on the current state of the fake news media in an appearance on Fox News with host Jesse Watters, slamming fact-checkers like the AP and Snopes for making it so Americans can’t trust anything the media is telling them anymore.

“It’s no wonder we are at this point…Tell us the damn truth,” Bongino said. “There’s a misinformation crisis because you [the media] created it.”

“This story was real,” he continued. “Yet the fact-checkers, who had no special access to information at all, came out and said: ‘No, no – no, no, no – that’s a bad story for the Biden administration – Obama may have been involved- so that’s a hoax and you’re banned from Facebook if you put it up. And you wonder why we are where we are right now with the information crisis in the country.”

In complete agreement, Watters jumps in to point out that it’s not as if the evidence was difficult to find for the fake news fact-checkers either, implying they most likely just buried the information in order to protect the narrative.

“We had our team at primetime just research it [the Ukraine Biolabs] and found that it was on some Senate websites – we [even] found Barak Obama, on camera, talking about it,” Watters adds.

“Yes! I want to show you something,” Bongino exclaims, holding up his phone… “You and I, Jesse, we have a special internet just for me and you. This took me two seconds doing my show this morning. Here’s my iPhone, here’s the article: ‘Washington Post, 2005, the US to aid Ukraine in countering bioweapons’ – there, as long as it took me to type: ‘bioweapons Ukraine.’ That’s the Washington Post! 2005! And yet the ‘fact-checker’ said it’s a conspiracy… It even has the name of the lab!”




One thing’s for damn sure, it’s called fake news for a reason.


“When the Fact Checkers Say it’s a Hoax…You Almost Know it’s True”: Bongino TORCHES the Fake News for Covering Up US-Funded Bioweapon Research in Ukraine (VIDEO)