Ukrainians murdering their own civilians. Where are BBC, CNN, FOX? All complicit in mass murder.

The mass evacuation of civilians that was possible after the outskirts and several regions of Mariupol were liberated from the Ukrainian militants pose a big threat for the Ukrainian nationalists, as the victims are now testifying on numerous war crimes committed by the Azov members. The liberation of the city is now the main task for the DPR units because those civilians who are still in hostage in Mariupol may be murdered by the nationalists.


Dozens of videos showing the testimonies by locals who survived and escaped from Mariupol are shared by the DPR officials daily.

“They gather people into a large group, they say that there will be a humanitarian corridor. People are gathering. They destroy them there, they kill them there. This is done by the Azov. There is no one else. We don’t have Russian troops, we don’t have the DPR, we don’t have anyone. They and only they. With blue armbands.” – a woman confirmed.

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3 Responses to “Ukrainians murdering their own civilians. Where are BBC, CNN, FOX? All complicit in mass murder.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Recently banished by the quisling BBC infested Ofcom.

    RT Presents Death Factories – biological warfare 101

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Full documentary at 42 min evidence of US biolabs experimenting on children in Ukraine

  3. Aldous says:

    ‘War’ In Ukraine Day 24: Overview Of Military Developments

    Of course Putin/Russia don’t regard it as a ‘war’ and neither do I.
    I regard it as a way-overdue ‘rescue attempt’ for The Donbass in particular and The Ukraine in general.
    Putin calls it a Special Military Operation. His choice of words.
    Putin and Lavrov put western leader(sic) – puppets – to shame.
    Putin and Lavrov aren’t Saints but I do believe they are God-fearing.
    Saints make very poor politicians.
    I don’t want God or Christ ‘lording it’ over me; I want God and Christ lording it over the politicians.
    That’s where it’s at. I just want to live.