Ukrainian Nazis have a long tradition of massacring civilian populations

It saddens me to see children in local schools being asked to ‘support Ukraine’ with flags and banners displayed prominently all over their play areas.

The true history of Ukrainian politics is no so sweet and rosy.

Eastern Ukraine was stolen from Poland in WW2.  The order was given to liquidate the Polish population, and the Ukrainian Nazis did just that.

Is that why the Russians don’t invade Western Ukraine.  They still see it as part of Poland, and not Russia?  And will trade it in a deal with NATO during peace negotiations.

The Russians believe the Ukrainian Nazis were about to do the same to the Russian populations of Lugansk and Donietsk.

The Ukrainian army was in position on the border ready to move when Putin struck saving millions of Russian lives.

You can see the same against Jews in  Lvov and other places in Ukraine, Belarus… Video sent by Igori


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