Ukraine war updates March 2nd Jim Stone

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Confirmed: Yesterday “CIAnonymous” attempted to hack Russian satellites. Not confirmed: Anonymous subsequently got taken out by Russian “Killnet” hackers. The CIA will pick up the tab and re-boot Anonymous, probably with a scolding for leaving something vulnerable.

CONFIRMED: Russia is now warning the cities they approach to surrender on the spot or they will be destroyed. That’s different from their initial “We don’t want to break anything” attitude the American MSM milked as weakness.

Want to see a classic piece of war propaganda? It does not get any better than this.

Anyone with more than a few functioning brain cells would know the ghost of Kiev is fake. And we have heard all about Russians poking holes in their gas tanks and abandoning their stuff but when it all washes out, it’s almost always Ukranian vehicles used as props, or Russian stuff the broke down or got stuck. Leaving that does not equal desertion . . . . But sometimes the propaganda actually comes off as real. SO NOW, MAY I PRESENT TO YOU: Ukraine Juan

Ukraine Juan left Mexico and went to Ukraine to fight hard for freedom!!!

Only, NO.

Thermobaric weapon bigger than a MOAB used on Kharkiv airbase. Russia said theirs were 5X what the United States has, and it sorta looks like it. Airbase obviously no longer in use. Looking at the time it took for the shockwave to dissipate, this has a kill diameter just short of a mile across, probably about a 700 meter kill radius. Nasty. The camera was at about 7000 feet distance, the kill radius was probably about 2300 feet.


Not reported this way but I know it is true and will say why: The EU/NATO is canceling all promises of giving Ukraine fighter jets. This is being whispered and I think it will be reality. REASON: Russia is in fact kicking *ss so badly that the people providing the jets know those jets will be marshmallows dropped in a fire. Why waste them?


Images are now surfacing of completely empty stores in Ukraine. FACT: Russia did nothing to stop the stores from being re-stocked, this is the work of the new world order zionists. The stores could not have possibly emptied out to zero this fast without the you-know-who’s in charge of the food chain, even local stocks in local warehouses should have lasted longer than that!!! Obviously someone wants a “humanitarian crisis” to justify a NWO invasion.


India is not drinking the MSM kool aid and their media is reporting that though Russia has taken losses, they are not nearly what the West is saying AND THAT IT IS EVIDENT the CIA failed to give Zelensky hollywood war clips to lie with.


Looting has started in Ukraine. Question: Are they looting designer clothes and electronics, or food??? I’d bet the latter.


BADLY NEEDED: Russia FINALLY blows up a lie spewing POS TV station in Kiev, and Americans beg for Putin to do it here. (true American sentiment, not what Twitter permits to be posted) UPDATE: Twitter is flaky with this at time of posting, but it shows the TV station being blown to smithereens to kill the staff while all the transmitting hardware is untouched.




ALL RUSSIAN BANKS ARE NOW OFFLINE after CIAonymous vowed to rob them. Smart move. Want to prevent that type of cyber attack? PULL THE PLUG. Make people walk up to the window for their money. You don’t need an ATM or an internet vulnerability, waiting in a line is better than having everything stolen, RIGHT? It’s a war. Shitcan a little convenience, it’s not worth your life. Wait it out.


Youtube censored RT and Sputnik across Europe. Because the war is going SO WELL the Russian side of the story need not be heard.


FACT: Ukraine is the second most corrupted cesspit in the world, and it was being run exactly the same way as the most corrupted cesspit – Israel.

Israel routinely shells the palestinians (and more) and the Palestinians just have to eat it. Ukraine routinely shells it’s own inhabitants the same way Israel does, and they just have to eat it.

Israel was created out of thin air by decree And so was Ukraine, which was created out of thin air and has leaders who were put there, not wanted there.

Israel cuts off water to their “unwanted inhabitants”. Ukraine has cut off water to their “unwanted inhabitants” and Russia blew the dam the corrupted trash running Ukraine built to make that happen.


And it is interesting the attitude both places have towards the people they claim are within their borders, they are both the same deal. Ukraine is literally like Israel’s fingerprint.

And more: While Israel is the Jewish cabal’s headquarters, Ukraine is the rest of the cabal’s headquarters, many of which are Jews. I HOPE RUSSIA DOES A GOOD JOB OF CLEANING THAT CESSPIT OUT. __________________________________

People are noticing that all, (every last one) ALL captured and destroyed equipment showing up in Ukraine videos as Ukraine victories is lacking the white Russian Z. It is literally as if the Russians are taking zero losses and everything for Ukraine is faked, HERE IS A PRIME AND HUMOROUS EXAMPLE from someone who got sick of the lies about “the ghost of Kiev”. Here he takes out a tai fighter. Might as well make “the ghost of Kiev” a REAL hero, right?

Anonymous has told Russian citizens to empty their bank accounts because anything in them will be given to Ukraine on 3/3. That’s a straight up act of war by American intelligence, false flagging under the identity of “Anonymous”. The only thing that could ever do that would be American/Israeli intelligence with CPU level back doors, as I have mentioned recently, and repeatedly in the past. There is no way that could happen to “all Russians” outside of high level action. No hacker group could ever do that, that would be possible compliments of Operation Talpiot. If this actually happens, Russia has the right to spread the hot war outside Ukraine.

In the video, “Anonymous” proves ignorance by lying about the situation on the ground. If they are that ignorant, they can’t be legit. THEY ARE NOT THAT IGNORANT, THEY ARE THE CIA.


Ukraine is winning SO BIGLY that they released convicted murderers and other criminals from prison so they could fight the war. What will be left when they are gone?


Ukraine’s super pilot “Ghost of Kiev” now has 15 kills.

Remember “Good Ol’ Shoe” from Wag the dog??? THAT.


Supposedly “toothless Russia” shot up a convoy of evacuating Israeli citizens, “situation grave”.


Ukraine is offering Russian soldiers an amount equal to about $65,000 USD to desert. Where’s that money coming from?


A spectacular piece of war propaganda so hoakey it makes me want to vomit.

AS IF a lost cell phone would really have a lengthy text chat that showed a russian soldier constantly saying “momma” and saying all the talking points the West would ever want heard – “We were lied to”, The Ukranians don’t want us,” “We are killing civilians” “We are bombing cities” “I am afraid momma” and then the soldier is dead and they find the phone with that on it, conversation still open. BULLSHIT!!!


Anonymous is a probable CIA front where “the world’s best hackers” use established back doors into microprocessors and operating systems that were intentionally put there by American and Israeli intelligence to “magically” get into anything right when needed. Russia’s payment system got hacked like it was scheduled right after Russia announced it’s allies could dump euros and dollars because those currencies cannot be trusted. HOW?? Minix and Microsoft, and a trillion dollar budget, that’s how! Even if they don’t use microsoft it won’t matter with the processor level back doors.

Russia can’t do anything to retaliate because it was not the CIA that did it, no, it was a nebulous group called “ANONYMOUS!!!” Anonymous – out there working hard, staying organized, staying funded and striking the hardest targets down, from MOM’S BASEMENT. RIGHT. —————–

Zelensky is trying to get Ukraine into the European Union. We’ll have to see where that goes. If so, the EU approves of leaders who incessantly shell their own people for years on end.


It appears to me that Putin had his ducks in a row before making this move in Ukraine. Nothing the West is doing is having any real impact on Russia. Sure, Russian planes cannot land abroad but who needs tourism in times like these? The west simply can’t do anything of substance that will actually inflict pain it seems. Every time they think they have it, Putin just squids off in a different direction.

Putin is telling Ukranian citizens in Kiev to evacuate NOW. The Ukranian military is doing all it can to prevent people from evacuating because they want to use them as human shields (knowing Putin has morals)

China has announced that they are going to step past making consumer goods and will begin going after “True high tech”.

Pakistan will sign on to Russia’s alt banking system and start buying oil.


HA HA, like hell the average Ukranian wants that!!! What, is the WEF using the Ukraine incident to sell the New World Order or what?? Not a good selling point I’d say. Straight from “tinfoil nut job hatter conspiracy” to proud bragging on FOX. My oh my how things come around when the mask comes off.

I hate to say it, but it really looks like Putin is the irrefutable good guy in all of this. And he’s frustrated by “the empire of lies”. “Empires of lies” happen when universities get infiltrated and kids are taught by the tribe that the truth is not what matters, what people believe is the truth is what matters. Imagine a news agency or politician with THAT as the moral foundation . . . . . what do you get? “An empire of lies”. The KGB may not have been nice to deal with, but they did not operate on falsehood. They were blind to a lot. Putin is not going to accept “the empire of lies” very well. INSIGHT:

Some of the top KGB people paid a visit to Brigham Young university in the 1970’s. They stood on top of the arts building and looked down at all the cars in the parking lot. They said “Wow, the staff has really nice cars”. They were corrected: “Those are the student’s cars”. They did not believe it, and instead believed the United States took cars from all over the country and parked them there for a fake show. They, even being what they were, did not believe the United States could possibly be like that. They were honestly in error. They were not liars. There’s a big difference between being honestly wrong and a pathological liar. And, to top it all off, Putin’s not even wrong this time around.

Putin has morals, and he’s cornered by “an empire of lies”. What will he do? Time will tell but I’d start with cutting off oil and gas to Europe if the West gets any friskier.

PUTIN WAS KICKED OUT OF THE WEF. That’s a REAL GOOD sign. If he was the enemy of all of us the way Biden is, he was not “good enough” at it.

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3 Responses to “Ukraine war updates March 2nd Jim Stone”

  1. Gordon says:

    Russia Today thrown off Satellite and DTT in the UK

    Russia Today has lost its retransmission on the Sky, Freesat and Freeview platforms as sanctions by the European Union against Russia impacted across the English Channel.

    RT UK was being broadcast from the Astra satellite neighbourhood at 28.2 degrees East, which feeds Sky, Freesat and the DTT Freeview platform. SES, which operates the Astra system is based in Luxembourg and is required to follow sanctions placed on Russia by the European Union.

    As of Wednesday evening, UK media regulator Ofcom said it had opened a total of 27 investigations into news programmes on RT.

  2. Gordon says:

    The US and NATO have never been sanctioned for starting wars. Why?

    The reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, no matter what you think about it, has exposed the West’s double standards.

    • ian says:

      I feel that the Russian sanctions were needed by the Globalists to restrict food, gas, oil, and minerals coming in to the west. Soon there will be food shortages, and skyrocketing fuel prices. There will be a shortage of spare parts and minerals to make parts for electric cars. The globalists are using the war to hide their current major changes in government and law to get us all vaxxed and depopulated also hiding the state of Western finances. It seems to me to be a multi faceted operation, under the guise of Putin getting annoyed.