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I often feel outgunned on Tap’. Better educated more sophisticated people than me regularly frequent the site, and I love reading their/ your comments. For that reason, I rarely push anything, but this edition of UK Column is a must watch. I have criticised them regularly for being oh so careful, and I’ve been corrected, and accepted that, but this episode is exceptional, especially Alex Thompson’s absolutely excellent history of Ukraine. Regards ian.



  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    “I have criticised them regularly for being oh so careful,…”

    Funny you should say that ian:
    I actually unsubscribed from the UK Column News channel on Rumble a few months ago, for that same reason. Tired of all their talk (which hardly anyone hears, or wants to hear anyway), and no action. Just boring. I began to feel more & more hopeless after watching each 1 hour plus episode, where they cover the news so thoroughly and articulately, but with no workable or realistic solutions offered, or even hope of anything changing for the better. Just endless doom & gloom…
    Don’t visit their website anymore either, but still have a login. I often stayed up late at night (I’m in Australia) to watch UK Column News, live. Not interested anymore.

    • ian says:

      I understand Alan. I watched it religiously too, then went off it for the same reason. My wife however now watches it, and having missed Wednesday’s edition, asked if I’d put it on at teatime, dinnertime for some. I was really taken by Alex Thompson’s explanation of the situation in Ukraine, and he said that the City of London , ie the international banking families, funded both Hitler and Stalin. The nurse lady that is on, “her name escapes me”, has tape of the how the behavioural insights team work. The “online safety bill” was discussed as was the legislation which is being steam rollered through British parliament, and no doubt other countries too, as I believe 174 countries have signed up for it. It will remove any remaining rights we have, in particular bodily autonomy, thus allowing them to force vaccinate or bankrupt us with fines.

      Not good news Alan I accept that, but, in my opinion, probably the best UK column episode which I’ve seen.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Yes, I watched it ian and you’re right. What Alex said about Ukraine and the involvement of the banking families, financially supporting genocide was frightening, because really nothing’s changed since!
        I was also quite astonished at what Debi Evans (nurse lady), had to say about the so-called ‘behavioural insights team’ and how it operates and their MO. Which is all about ‘persuasion science’ when it comes to vaccine coercion techniques.
        A certain Prof. David Halpern has made a personal fortune out of it – i.e. openly bullying and LYING to the gullible.
        We knew this of course, but Debi Evans actually has cold hard undeniable, evidence in the format of official documentation and audio of an interview between Halpern & some shill from channel 4, which describes in elaborate detail how the persuasive psychology (persuasive lies of course), is used to convince people to take the Gates overpopulation cure, which they tell them is a life saving vaccine, they MUST have if they want to participate in life.
        Also, right at the end, they talked about a newspaper article where the Metro police announced they will take ‘no further action’ to follow up on formal accusations about the safety of covid19 vaccines, formally lodged at several Metro police stations.
        Must say this response did not surprise me, nor should it surprise anyone else who understands what’s really happening.
        They’re laughing at us and thanks to the invaluable assistance of the humanity loathing cabal’s LYING mainstream media, so are most of our fellows.
        It was naïve, almost childish to believe that this fictional ‘common law’ process which quotes the Magna Carta and the constitution etc., would or even could gain any traction in the current dystopian and lawless NWO.
        Total NON-COMPLIANCE by everyone is the ONLY weapon we have to slay this totalitarian dragon with. We all need to deploy it. NOW!
        The corrupt, treasonous police or courts of lawlessness are never going to help us. Most people still don’t understand that they are our enemies now. Approaching any of them is no more effective or useful than writing ‘open letters’ to our dishonest and treasonous politicians. Another exercise in total futility and time wasting which unfortunately, UK Column News still encourages the gullible and oppressed masses to practice.

      • ian says:

        I agree on all counts Alan. Good comment.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I can never understand why UK Column doesn’t get close to the English Democrats or at least give them coverage. They have no delivery vehicle for their viewpoint yet Robin Tilbrook would be an excellent ally for them. Endless talk requires action. Robin can deliver that.

    • ian says:

      It would be ideal Tap’, as lack of action must lose them viewers.