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  1. ian says:

    Some interesting comments at 29:38.

    • Tapestry says:

      I have a slightly different read from David Scott. The MI6 quote is not threatening a Vietnam/Afghanistan type guerrilla war. It means something else. Putin has been goaded into taking military action, and this is giving way to an all-out propaganda war against him and his government. MI6 believe that via this and sanctions the Russian government and Putin can be unseated and changed for a tame western-approved replacement. The war will be won militarily by Russia in effect, but Putin will be gone anyway. Russia can be goaded over and over again by this strategy – in Serbia, other Russian enclaves across Eastern Europe being put under threat. They mean that Putin falling from power is what their war is about, not the Ukraine. The Russian military victory then becomes the One World Government’s victory.

      Very interesting Ian. More of the fake war meme as written by Miles Mathis and John Rappoport, with no actual Russian troops on the ground in Ukraine (or at least very few), making all Western main media false pictures into a never ending comedy show. Just surgical strikes, wiping out Ukraine’s air capability and ships on day One, and an invitation to negotiate.

      The problem for NATO going for the get rid of Putin approach is that Putin only has to hold out and keep the war ticking over to be able to look like he’s a winner. Each day that goes by and the Russkis are bringing Ukraine slowly to heel makes Putin the daily winner. The propaganda is very effective, and Russia needs to get into the propaganda game, but the Russian people will no doubt rally round their leader and not believe all the tosh from CNN/BBC and so on..

      • ian says:

        Thanks Tap, an excellent comment. I read your posts by these guys and they really seem to be on the ball.

  2. Tapestry says:

    From the ground reporting. Russians avoiding populated areas as Ukronazis siting their weaponry in urban populated areas. Encircling towns so far.