Trapped in Kiev. How I escaped.

This video is a livestream made by a Chilean businessman who lives in Ukraine.

He tells how he was trapped in a hotel in Kiev, and then kicked out by the manager. Friends who had fled Kiev to avoid conscription lent him an apartment; then another friend got him a train ticket so that he could get home to his family. He describes his quite bizarre journey in the darkened train, and then, once home resumes his analysis of what is going on. It is very long, but a good listen, especially the second portion describing what he sees, and then he launches into so much more analysis.

Turns out he also appears on The Duran with Alexander and Alex.

As he lives in Ukraine, which he loves, he speaks a lot to the Ukrainian people who don’t want to hear reality.

I really enjoyed hearing what he has to say, and would like to hear more from him. I hope this has not been taken down yet, as I found it last evening, but listened today.