Time is running out for those who care about Freedom

The manager of a favourite café told me yesterday that their electricity bill, currently £900 a month, will rise to £2,800 from next month.

That won’t be unusual. Energy bills everywhere are going to triple. A litre of petrol or diesel will soon cost over £2. Charging an electric car is going to cost triple. Expect food bills to be double within the next six months. At least double.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Thousands of cafes and small businesses are going to close next month. Local taxes, soaring energy bills, rising costs of materials and labour, and car park charges which are doubling everywhere, will devastate what is left of the High Street. Unemployment will rocket.

Horror stories about the covid jabs appear almost daily. The released Pfizer documents merely confirm what we’ve known since 2020. There can be no doubt now that the jabs are, as predicted, doing infinitely more harm than good.

People who promoted and gave the jabs should be in prison. There’s evidence that the jabs may affect the ovaries and explain a rise in ovarian cancer.

Has The Guardian reported that the UK medicines regulator has so far received over 40,000 reports of reproductive and menstrual disorders following covid-19 jabs? Or did they miss that? Were they busy playing footsie with their financial partner Bill Gates?

Has the BBC yet reported that the fully vaccinated now make up nine out of ten covid-19 deaths in England? Or where they too busy playing footsie with their financial partner Bill Gates?

Around the world the ignorant and the bribed continue to insist that there are no risks with the covid jabs. The BBC and the rest of the media continue to deny and suppress the truth. (Don’t break the law but please do not pay the BBC licence fee. Giving money to the BBC is like giving guns to burglars invading your home.)

In Italy an article by a well-respected journalist was removed from the internet.

The article reported that the American think tank known as the Rand Corporation planned the strategy behind the attack on Russia back in 2019. The journalist claimed that the aim was to `over-extend and unbalance’ Russia.

The media is doing everything they can to stir up hatred of the Russians and love for Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers are said to be yelling `God save the Queen’ while firing UK made missiles at Russian tanks. The British royal family have actually taken a political stance in support of Ukraine. (I haven’t heard yet what their views are on Saudi Arabia.)

‘Never trust a Russian,’ said my Uncle Jack when I was eight-years-old.

Life was much simpler in those days.

I wonder what my Uncle Jack would think of the bizarre and corrupt world we now inhabit.

I don’t trust the Russians. I wouldn’t lend Putin my second best lawn mower. And I wouldn’t give him a lift on a dark night but compared to the Schwabbies, he’s a girl guide.

But I don’t trust anyone in any government either.

I don’t trust anyone who works for any government. I don’t trust anyone (such as mainstream journalists) who is being paid by governments.

We live in a world where nothing is as it seems to be. The UK Government imports tons of chopped up trees so that they can claim they’re making electricity without using fossil fuels. But the same Government bans log burners to stop householders keeping warm when the electricity and the gas are turned off. Madness!

In Ireland, the Government has apparently stated that ‘the State…shall delimit the right to private property, where it is necessary to ensure the common good’.

Remember: ‘You will own nothing and be happy` is the mantra of the Great Reset.

Food supplies are running out but they want to make it illegal to grow your own vegetables or keep a few chickens.

Everything that is happening is happening on purpose.

You’d have to be as stupid or as prejudiced as a BBC employee in denial to think that things are happening by accident.

Politicians are now merely front men for billionaire conspirators who aren’t satisfied with their riches. They want everything: all the money and all the power.

We live in a world where everything is destined to get much, much worse. And remember: nothing happens by accident.

Is it, for example, an accident that education in the UK is so poor that half the nation under 30 can’t read, write or do simple sums?

Schools and even universities have created millions of idiots who will accept whatever garbage they are fed.

For those of us who care about freedom, I’m afraid that time is running out.

The only way we will win this war is to spread the truth as fast and as wide as we can.

Dr Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains how we got here and what the future holds. Endgame is available as a paperback, a hardback and an eBook.



6 Responses to “Time is running out for those who care about Freedom”

  1. danceaway says:

    “In Italy an article by a well-respected journalist was removed from the internet.

    The article reported that the American think tank known as the Rand Corporation planned the strategy behind the attack on Russia back in 2019. The journalist claimed that the aim was to `over-extend and unbalance’ Russia.”

    Here is the link to the document
    to which Dr Coleman is referring; https://www.globalresearch.ca/rand-corp-how-destroy-russia/5678456

    This report goes into great detail; it is quite remarkable to see such evil intent actually laid out so clearly. Pure wickedness was having a field day in 2019.

    • Tapestry says:

      Let’s hope the evil and twisted minds are not quite as clever as they think they are. Evil is very powerful but not when faced with the power of God. The Devil runs. That’s why there is the worldwide effort to stop prayers for the Russians. They are prepared to lose a war against Russia and try to cut them off spiritually. Russia is a 90% Christian country, and they pray non-stop. Cancel culture will not cancel God. Pray for all the people affected by the war, but for Russia to win and to stop The New World Order – which means a world run by the Devil. Next is From Southfront re Mariupol.

      The mass evacuation of civilians that was possible after the outskirts and several regions of Mariupol were liberated from the Ukrainian militants pose a big threat for the Ukrainian nationalists, as the victims are now testifying on numerous war crimes committed by the Azov members. The liberation of the city is now the main task for the DPR units because those civilians who are still in hostage in Mariupol may be murdered by the nationalists.

      Dozens of videos showing the testimonies by locals who survived and escaped from Mariupol are shared by the DPR officials daily.

      “They gather people into a large group, they say that there will be a humanitarian corridor. People are gathering. They destroy them there, they kill them there. This is done by the Azov. There is no one else. We don’t have Russian troops, we don’t have the DPR, we don’t have anyone. They and only they. With blue armbands.” – a woman confirmed.

  2. David 2 says:

    Connecting the dots….. Pestilence (plague) is usually followed by war and war is normally followed by famine.

    Perhaps we are all being played, like the children who danced to the tune of the pied piper!

    • ian says:

      I feel, and that’s all it is, a feeling, that it, ie the Ukraine scenario, is theatre to occupy the west while the governments get the laws allowing forced vaccination in place. It’s being used to saturate the media, and the dirty tricks department are even using the general public’s humanitarian feelings to absorb them more into the trap. The autumn and winter of this year will see empty shelves, sky high prices, and power outages, possibly including media and internet outages too, to add to the mess brought about deliberately by the self appointed owners of our world.

      The people doing this have previous experience of destroying nations, if not personally, then from their forefathers. While we starve and freeze or die in camps, they will smile sipping fine wines and abusing children aboard their luxury yachts in the Caribbean.

      • ian says:

        Sorry, I wrote my comment before reading Vernon’s article, he agrees on some of what I say.

  3. David 2 says:

    In my observation, there are no cohensidences!

    I did some research a while back and discovered that compassion as caring human empathy, is not in the Old Testament! The word appears 18 times as God’s compassion for the suffering of the descendants of Israel. Only on one occasion it was then used to describe the daughter of Pharaoh, when she found the baby Moses by the river. ‘She had compassion on him and said this must be one of the Hebrew children’. The word is never used as an Abrahamic trait!

    Evil has been going on for thousands of years. The difference is that now they use artificial intelligence and corporations to do the dirty work!

    Corporations are purely an artificial creation and they have no soul!

    The elites have sold their souls for wealth and power, they protect each other and appear to operate through occult or secret societies.

    That is my opinion and it seems to fit the pattern that is unfolding!