This is what is actually happening on the ground.

The Ukronazis are using human shield strategy siting all their weaponry in residential areas and stopping civilians from leaving the cities.  The DNR and PNR are moving out into the countryside encircling the cities in Eastern Ukraine, while the Ukronazis shell Donietsk killing civilians.  That’s why journalists in cities can’t see much going on as yet.  The media have no reporters in Donietsk of course.

TAP.  This a war between the New World Order (the Ukronazis) and humanity.  They don’t care how many people are killed.  They want Putin to pick up the blame.  That’s all that bothers them, so they can get a regime change in Russia and get all of Russia’s natural resources.  Meanwhile the world’s media can see no one at fault except the one person who might be able to stop the slaughter of innocent people across Ukraine – Vladimir Putin.  Fears that Putin could be a secret agent of the New World Order seem less likely as the Russian military proves its effectiveness.


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    video Map update .. casualty count