The best national anthem in the world – by far

And another version sung by Bolshoi choir including children.  The spirit of the nation of Russia has survived Communism, the worst forms of crony capitalism, oligarchy, continual invasions and now endless assault in the western media.  Russia will survive again and act as the beacon of the world resisting the Nazis who control the USA, the EU, NATO and their One World Government.

Friday 25th March suspected Rothschild agent Mark Sedwill appeared on BBC radio 4 circa 08:20hrs promoting the very same “chemical attack” narrative thus priming the media for the event to come. The very spooky Sedwill is now ennobled as a Baron

Just in time ?

Rothschild & Co appoints Mark Sedwill as Senior Adviser 09/12/2020

If one were to conduct a chemical attack in a warzone one might need to employ “special forces”……
From Spooky Sedwill’s bio on the Rothschild site linked above.

Additional background on Lord Sedwill

Mark Sedwill, Baron Sedwill of Sherborne KCMG FRGS, is Chairman of the Atlantic Futures Forum, Chairman of the G7 Panel on Global Economic Resilience, and a member of the UK Parliament’s House of Lords. He was Cabinet Secretary & Head of the Civil Service (2018-20), National Security Adviser (2017-20), Permanent Secretary at the Home Office (2013-17), and HM Ambassador and NATO Representative in Afghanistan (2009-11). Before that he had a diplomatic and security career serving in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan. He was also CEO of UKvisas (2005-08). Educated at St Andrews and Oxford Universities, Lord Sedwill is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Institute of Directors, and the recipient of several awards and honours for national and international public service. He is President of the Special Forces Club and has several charitable interests.

Here you see a highly compromised puppet being deployed to make the case for WW3

Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham has said that he would “fiercely advocate” a no-fly zone over Ukraine should Russia use chemical weapons.

The South Carolina Republican ranking member of the Senate Committee on Budget made the comments on Saturday during a plenary session titled “Transforming for a New Era”, at the annual Doha Forum in the Qatari capital.

In related news, US President Joe Biden on Wednesday claimed there was a “real threat” that Russia could use chemical weapons against Ukraine.

Details from Sovereigntea

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2 Responses to “The best national anthem in the world – by far”

  1. Gordon says:

    Listened to the Russian children choir earlier – Astounding!

    Sanctions, regime change in Russia, then focus on China

  2. Tapestry says:

    Nations that believe in God cannot be broken by those that worship the Devil. Russia saved the world from Nazism in 1945. And will do it again in our time, hopefully for a much lower cost in lives and suffering.