Southfront say English speaking specialists are ‘correcting’ Nazi fire from residential areas in Maruipol

TAP – SAS?  Doesn’t it make you proud?  Not.

The Russians offered Kiev to allow the Nationalists safe passage out of Mariupol to save the residents, but Kiev doesn’t want them either and refused!  Satanic martyrs are not generally wanted by anyone sane or human.  They are of the Devil.  The less of them that survive the war the easier it will be for Ukraine to find its future in safety and peace.  Why is Britain in there helping them using residents as human shields?  Our government is totally Satanic as well.  Maybe Putin can come to Britain and do a clear out for us later on……or could we launch a fresh political initiative via the English Democrats to stop Britain’s warmaking in all parts of the globe.  The One World Government only wants to kill people everywhere.  Putin is the only one who stops them.

From Southfront.

After the securing of the suburbs of the city by the joint DPR and Russian forces, the mass evacuation of civilians continues without any support from Kiev.

Local residents confirm that Ukrainian nationalists opened fire on civilians.

They also report that English-speaking specialists were correcting the fire of Ukrainian militants from residential areas of the city.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirms that a lot of Ukrainian fighters are trying to leave the city disguised as civilians. Over the past two days, over 200 militants dressed in civilian clothes, have deserted the city through humanitarian corridors towards Zaporozhye. Some of them managed to escape in small groups towards Zaporozhie.

“93 of them have been liquidated overnight, the locations of the rest have been established by the bearing of radio conversations. The issue of their destruction is a matter of a short time,” said the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev.

Those who remained in Mariupol are waiting for help from the Ukrainian troops deployed on the Donbass front lines. However, the current military developments to the North of Mariupol made any counter offensive by the AFU impossible. The official response from Kiev to nationalist fighters in Mariupol was negative.

In its turn, on March 18, the Russian military officials claimed their readiness to release nationalists from Mariupol to save the city and civilians. The claim was also made by the head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev.

“We have officially appealed to the Kiev authorities and two days ago told them that we are ready to open humanitarian corridors and release all the bandits in any direction in order to save the city and people from these so-called martyrs, who have already glorified themselves with the explosions of a kindergarten, two schools, a maternity hospital and a drama theater building,” he said.

According to Mizintsev, the Russian side received a refusal from Kiev officials. Nationalist battalions are also a great threat for the current administration in Kiev, thus there is no surprise that there is no progress in negotiation process between Moscow and Kiev until the city of Mariupol where the main Ukrainian nationalist forces were blockaded is moped up.

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2 Responses to “Southfront say English speaking specialists are ‘correcting’ Nazi fire from residential areas in Maruipol”

  1. Tapestry says:

    If the SAS are in Mariupol they won’t be leaving as civilians in disguise but by submarine. Is that why mines are being drifted in the Black Sea to keep surface ships away? Defensepoliticsasia says floating mines are drifting as if in error. More likely as part of a naval plan to bring in a submarine or keep enemy shipping at bay. Exploding one or two to make sure everyone knows. The remaining militants in Mariupol know very well there’ll be no rescuing land forces. The rest will try to get out by sea. This type can do 60 mph and would be hard to detect.

    • sovereigntea says:

      “By way of deception” ….. What accents do the English speakers have ?
      PS Mossad chief allegedly hacked.

      The chief of Mossad in the hands of “Open Hands”
      The process of tracking down Bernea has begun, according to data from the Hod Hasharon Library located in his place of residence, where his family members prepare books from on a monthly basis.

      NOURNEWS – An unknown group called “Open Hands”, which has just announced its existence, has unveiled an intelligence mission in a short clip reviewing a series of operational intelligence documentaries. The clip contains a collection of classified documents, personal information and financial documents of Mossad chief David Barnea, which were analyzed by several of the group’s security experts.

      According to the video, the leaked information is the result of secret information gathering operations against Israeli targets, including senior officials in sensitive security and military services, who play an important role in the present and future of these services.

      The activities of this intelligence team date back to 2011. With the aim of what Team “Open Hands” calls the identification of future leaders of Israel, a multinational team of security experts was formed to create an intelligence umbrella around the sensitive institutions of the Zionist regime and predict the future of power in the system. This team has developed and guided complex intelligence operations to be able to supervise potential leaders of the Israeli military security services. The person targeted in the latest leak is the current head of the Mossad, David Bernea, who headed the security service in June 2021.

      According to the published video, the beginnin….more