Russian MOD releases documents and information regarding Pentagon funded Biolab activity

The Biolab Scandal Updates: Data From Secret Labs In Ukraine Revealed. Russian MoD Names Curator of Pentagon-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine, Releases Original Docs



Russian MoD Names Curator of Pentagon-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine, Releases Original Docs 


Russia received evidence of the development of biological weapons in Ukraine. US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland actually confirmed this. We knew about the existence of such laboratories before, but right now the most unpleasant truth about biological experiments for Americans is beginning to be revealed. Experiments, the results of which would be tested for you, dear reader. Details – in the new investigation of the “First Russian”.

What is this investigation about?

The starting point for considering the issue with the US biological laboratories in Ukraine was not Ms. Nuland’s statements at all. The First Russian Investigation Department would like to draw attention to three things related to each other and show how, in the current conditions, Russia has probably saved not only itself and its neighbors, but also the countries of Europe from a biological catastrophe.

The first point is that the development, creation, and storage of biological weapons is tritely prohibited by the ” UN Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction” of December 16, 1971.

The second point is that for a long time Washington denied the existence of bio laboratories on Ukrainian territory and in neighboring countries where work could be carried out to create bioweapons. A huge achievement for Russia: the argument about the absence of Pentagon laboratories in Ukraine has now been disavowed at the highest level.

Finally,  the third point is the inadequate reaction of the world community to the issue of the proliferation of such weapons. A biological, bacteriological, virological threat is very dangerous. What is the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic worth, the origin of which remains, to put it mildly controversial.

In 2003, US Secretary of State Colin Powell waved a test tube with the white matter at a meeting of the UN Security Council, after which the bloody American invasion of Iraq began, which claimed several hundred thousand lives in the very first days. Just think about it. And at the same time compare with the Russian special operation.

The US invasion of Iraq was organized under the pretext of protection against weapons of mass destruction, which were allegedly developed by the Iraqi authorities. The weapon or signs of its creation were not found.

The Russian operation proves that such weapons could have been created by the Americans themselves in Ukraine and elsewhere. found laboratories.

Evidence found

On March 8, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense noted that the documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine received during the special operation are already being carefully analyzed by specialists from the troops of radiation, chemical, and biological protection. The agency also published a decree of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 24 on the emergency evacuation of laboratories.

Screenshot of the document from

Actually, this document alone is enough to prove that biological laboratories in Ukraine not only exist but also work, in all likelihood, for the military.

– Victoria Nuland said during a speech before the Senate, thereby recognizing the presence of US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

If the US biological experiments in Ukraine were of an exclusively peaceful nature, then why should there be such a fear that samples of strains and experimental pathogens would fall into Russian hands?

Vladimir Vasilyev, the chief researcher at the Institute for the USA and Canada, in an interview with Tsargrad, noted that Victoria Nuland had raised an alarm just because certain evidence had already come to Russia and it was urgent to cover up traces of activities in Ukraine.

Vasiliev said.

He also drew attention to the fact that opinions are already being heard in the United States (mainly from supporters of the Republican Party) that we are really talking about a threat to Russia’s national security.

he added.

Where are the US biolaboratories located in Ukraine?

In total, in Ukraine, according to various sources, there are from 11 to 30-40 secret biological laboratories operating under the control of the Pentagon. The US and Ukrainian authorities, of course, did not disclose their location data. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not reveal the secret either. However, thanks to a number of Pentagon documents and information obtained by our colleagues from different countries, we can assert that the US biological laboratories are located in the Kiev region, near Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Ternopil and a number of other large cities.

Bulgarian investigative journalist and TV presenter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva previously published a map of the location of at least 11 US biological laboratories in Ukraine based on Pentagon data.

Screenshot of website page

Gaitanjieva’s Dutch colleague Ella Stehr and her team conducted their own analysis ofthe situation with US biolabs. She claims that in the first days of the special operation in Ukraine, the Russian army concentrated its actions, including in the areas where biological objects are located, which were previously shown on the map published by Gaytandzhiyeva.

Screenshot of website page

The active phase of the creation of biological laboratories in Ukraine under the control of the Pentagon began in 2014, immediately after the Maidan coup. As Tsargrad previously pointed out , these laboratories are controlled by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Back in 2005, the US Department of Defense and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health entered into an agreement under which the Ukrainian authorities transfer control over biological research in the country to the Pentagon and do not have the right to interfere in the work being carried out there. The relevant document is still available on the website of the US State Department .

Screenshot of the website page

Documents of the US Department of Defense indicate that either the Pentagon itself or DTRA controlled by it was involved in financing at least 11 biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine. For example, here are documents on objects in Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson.

Screenshots from

Moreover, under a 2005 agreement, the Ukrainian government is prohibited from disclosing confidential information about the American program. Ukraine also pledged to transfer dangerous pathogens (from Soviet times) to the US military for biological research. In addition, the Pentagon was granted access to some Ukrainian state secrets in the field of biology and virology.

Yeltsin overlooked in the turmoil: in the collapse of the USSR, it was necessary to take away from Kyiv not only nuclear weapons …

Screenshot of website page

Among other things, a special protocol was issued that gave American specialists all the necessary clearances to the state secret of Ukraine in terms of biological experiments.

Image screenshot from ellaster-nl

The highlighted passage reads:

Thus, Kyiv signed that it gives all its classified information to Washington, the Pentagon and the CIA, and also puts any activity of the Ministry of Health under American control. More weighty evidence that Ukraine in this part has become a branch of the United States is not needed. In addition, the empire paid good money to its branch.

How much have you been given?

One of the key institutions in Ukraine responsible for the US biological program is the Science and Technology Center of Ukraine (STCU), which over the past 20 years has invested $285 million in 1,850 projects that also include biological research, which is explicitly stated on the STCU website.

NTCU (The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine, STCU) appeared in 1993 as part of an agreement between the authorities of Ukraine, the USA, Canada and Sweden. The stated goal of the organization is to prevent the dissemination of knowledge and experience related to weapons of mass destruction for the sake of global security. In 1998, the EU replaced Sweden as a donor country. STCU is the largest financial hub in the post-Soviet space to support a variety of research in the interests of the United States in the former Soviet republics.

In general, the activities of this organization are striking in the scale of funding received from the West. While the Ukrainians lived, to put it mildly, not richly, the country’s economy was in ruins, and a significant part of the population was on the job, the STCU turned over tens of millions of dollars, which were dissolved somewhere in the unknown accounts of Ukrainian institutions and officials associated with them.

It is also interesting that in Ukraine, perhaps, there is not a single large scientific institution left that would not receive round sums from Americans and Europeans, conducting certain research for them. Ukraine does not have its own R&D, since almost all scientific and research activities are carried out in the interests of Western curators and according to programs approved by Washington.

So, for example, according to the results of the last, 53rd, meeting of the STCU Board of Governors on November 30, 2021, 400 thousand dollars were allocated for the FIRST project in Ukraine, 11 projects were supported in the amount of 11.8 million euros, an administrative and operational budget for 766 5000 dollars, budgets for additional costs of 118.5 thousand dollars and 438 thousand euros and another 82 thousand dollars for expenses for partners, seven new partner projects were confirmed for a total of 2.09 million dollars and 57 thousand euros, as well as the extension of contracts for 14 projects in the amount of 5.4 million dollars and 552.7 thousand euros, was confirmed. And that’s just for a year!

The beneficiaries are most of the country’s leading scientific institutions. And of course, they really don’t want it to end.

Screenshot of the website page

In July 2021, DTRA signed a contract with Jacobs Engineering Group to upgrade two Ukrainian biological research centers in Kiev and Odessa, equipping them with equipment and the necessary infrastructure. The direct executor of the tender was a division of CH2M Hill, which has extensive experience in the creation of biological laboratories.

The Pentagon contractors were American companies Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. and the Battelle Memorial Institute (a division of the Pentagon associated with the Fort Detrick network of biomedical laboratories for the study of dangerous viral diseases).

– Ella Ster, already mentioned above, points out in an article about US biolaboratories.

In total, Black & Veatch Special Project Corp. received $256.8 million worth of DTRA contracts for the construction and operation of biolabs in Ukraine. This is evidenced by two five-year contracts – from 2008 and 2012 (for $140.2 million and $116.6 million, respectively).

Screenshot of the website page

The US Embassy in Ukraine provides a detailed description of the Biological Threat Reduction Program – a biological threat prevention program. In beautiful terms, it is said that American and Ukrainian scientists are working together to counter potential aggressors. Many believe.

Suspicious matches

However, multiple sources report that the US has deployed a well-funded and deep bio-military program in Ukraine. Fears in connection with the deployment of this activity have been repeatedly voiced by Moscow. For example, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov drew attention to the fact that for some reason secret US laboratories are located on the outskirts of our country’s borders, and not at all on the territory, for example, of Western European countries.

– said in an interview with the “First Russian” chief researcher at the Institute for the USA and Canada Vladimir Vasiliev.

Moscow has known about the nature of the work of biolaboratories in Ukraine for a long time. Indirectly, information about the creation of biological weapons was also confirmed on the basis of facts that could not be hidden.

For example, one of the Pentagon laboratories is located in Kharkiv, where in January 2016,  at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers died from a flu-like  virus in just two days, and another 200 were hospitalized. In March 2016, 364 such deaths were recorded, with 81.3% of them caused by H1N1 swine flu, the same strain that had been considered defeated since 2009.

In the same year 2016, apparently, there was another leak. This time, 115 cases of human poisoning with botulinum toxin have been registered .

Screenshot of a report on cases of botulism (botulinum toxin poisoning) in Ukraine in 2016 from the website

Interestingly, in 2017, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine confirmed another 90 new cases of botulinum toxin poisoning, eight of which were fatal. Even the media of Western European countries wrote about this at that time, not hiding their anxiety. For example, British Express .

Screenshot of a report on the increase in cases of botulinum toxin poisoning in Ukraine in 2017 from

Botulinum toxin is a deadly neurotoxin of protein origin, the strongest organic poison known to science of organic toxins, and one of the most toxic substances in principle. Combat use – in the form of an aerosol. The poison affects the muscles and nervous system. As a result of defeat by botulinum toxin, a person dies from hypoxia, which develops as a result of asphyxia of respiratory activity and paralysis of the heart muscle. This toxin in the form of a military aerosol has long been characterized by the UN as a biological weapon and belongs to the list of types of weapons prohibited from production and storage. In fairness, we note that today botulinum toxin is widely used in medicine – for example, as the well-known Botox, which is used to make “youth injections”.

But where did botulinum toxin come from in large quantities in Ukraine? After all, servicemen who were poisoned by this toxin obviously did not “rejuvenate”, but received a large dose of the substance in its toxic form.

Other suspicious cases of infection have also been recorded in Ukraine. For example,  hepatitis A in 2018 in Nikolaev . Then the virus quickly spread throughout the south-east of Ukraine (it ended up in Odessa and Kharkov), that is, where the secret US biological laboratories are located.

Let us pay special attention to the fact that all these cases, which in different years led to infection and even death of people, were not investigated. The police of Ukraine limited themselves to ordinary statements, and then they completely forgot about the leaks, as if they had never happened.

Targeted attacks using animals and insects 

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva claims that the US laboratories in Ukraine (and not only there) are  working with plague, brucellosis, anthrax, diphtheria, salmonellosis, tularemia and other infections . She also points out that “combat” versions of bat coronaviruses have been studied in laboratories for many years.

– said the official representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov.

Political scientist, UN expert, member of the Commission on Chemical and Biological Weapons Igor Nikulin, in an interview with Tsargrad, admitted that the United States could also synthesize existing strains of the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus in its biological laboratories.

Nikulin said.

In his opinion, the appearance over the past two years of more than 30,000 new strains of coronavirus may indicate that targeted work has been carried out with them, in which more than 300 American biological laboratories around the world may be involved.

Finally, a number of sources claim that biological attacks using insects were probably being developed in Ukraine. This method of pathogen delivery is considered one of the most effective because it is better than an aerosol, which must also be sprayed from the air using a helicopter or at least a drone. In the case of insects, the attack may go completely unnoticed.

In 2007, Georgia reported a mass infection of people with leishmaniasis, a deadly disease caused by the protozoan parasite Leishmania. Mosquitoes are carriers of Leishmania. At the same time, residents said that they had never encountered such unusual mosquitoes – they chose bathrooms and sewers, and also turned out to be resistant to sub-zero temperatures, which allows them to survive in the mountains.

– said Vladimir Vasiliev.

Why is the US building such laboratories?

Recall, according to the UN Convention, no nation, even the American one, has the right to create and store biological weapons. At the same time, the United States has since issued a number of legal excuses. For example, the Patriot Act, passed in 2001, removes restrictions on the handling of pathogens if such work is authorized by the government. Also, a “dodge-document” is the National Strategy for Combating Biological Threats, approved in 2009 by President Barack Obama. This strategy reinforces the US refusal to check compliance with the obligations stipulated by the UN Convention.

And yes, these people then criticized Russia for the fact that we put the national legislation above the international one.

Since biological and bacteriological experiments are always dangerous, Americans prefer that anyone other than US residents suffer from possible leaks. Therefore, they create laboratories for the study and modification of especially dangerous pathogens in countries that they “do not feel sorry for” – and which are ready, like Ukraine, to fully open their scientific and technical complex as a sign of “commitment to NATO values.”

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon is working on the creation and operation of a network of dual-purpose biological laboratories around the world (in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia), it includes over 400 facilities.

Screenshot from the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense,

The United States has a special focus on the former republics of the USSR. Back in 1993, through the efforts of the United States, Canada, and Sweden, the above-mentioned STCU was created, the zone of activity of which was not only Ukraine, but also Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Uzbekistan. All these are poor countries, whose authorities are ready to host at least a branch of hell for small handouts by American standards, especially if this creates the illusion of a threat to Russia.

screenshot of website page


– said in the document .

Georgia is the center of power for US experiments

As for Georgia, we are primarily talking about the Lugar Center, a biological laboratory located 18 kilometers from Tbilisi, next to the Vaziani military base, which previously housed a Soviet military unit that has become a NATO training ground since 2015.

As the ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze, said, the laboratory began to be created in 2004, and it was officially opened in 2011.

In 2015, the Lugar Center tested one of the world’s most famous anti-Hepatitis C drugs, Sovaldi, on patients. This drug is produced by Gilead Corporation, one of the shareholders of which was former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Patients were dying, sometimes by the dozens a day. 

Screenshot from

Characteristically, research at the Lugar Center is carried out by military biologists from the US Army Medical Research Unit in Georgia (USAMU-G) – in conjunction with private US contractors and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). As journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva pointed out in her investigation, “the US Embassy in Tbilisi is transporting frozen human blood and pathogens as diplomatic cargo for a secret US military program.”

The Ministry of Defense of Russia, having studied the documents submitted by Giorgadze, also made their own conclusions confirming this information. And they clarified that “the list of priority American research includes potential agents of biological weapons: pathogens of tularemia, anthrax, brucellosis, dengue fever, Crimean-Congo-hemorrhagic fever and other diseases transmitted by blood-sucking insects.” Those, by the way, that the Americans themselves refer to as “agents of bioterrorism.”

Screenshot from the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense,

Then new evidence emerged that the biolaboratory was involved in dangerous experiments: correspondence between the Lugar Center itself, the US Embassy in Georgia, and the Georgian Ministry of Health revealing information about the US government’s secret military biological research program worth $ 161 million, funded through DTRA, got into the Network.

Meanwhile, the Lugar Center is not the only one in Georgia where research is carried out under the supervision of Western specialists. So, there is also a laboratory in Kobuleti, where military biologists from the British Ministry of Defense rule: the bubonic plague is officially being studied there. Plus – a network of more than a dozen relatively small laboratories interconnected.

Screenshot from the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense,


Moldova, like earlier Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, also issued a statementthat the Pentagon does not conduct its research on its territory – they say that nothing can be done without publicity on the territory of such a small country.

Really? Chisinau forgot (and we can remind and repeat) that back in 2014, the program of the North Atlantic Alliance “NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS)” was published – a strange combination of words, of course, but nonetheless. So, it is indicated there that project No. 984898 is being implemented in Moldova called “Top Down” (Reducing the risk of biological agents):


Screenshot from

That the project is likely to be implemented is confirmed by a journalistic investigation by, conducted in April 2020, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. And since the country is really small, the US interests there were represented by the same Scientific and Technological Center in Ukraine: in December 2003, the Moldovan parliament adopted law No. 531 on the accession of the republic to an agreement with the STCU.

Screenshot of the title page of Law No. 531 adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova,


Foreign staff of the STCU in Moldova received a special status, but most importantly, the right to act without restrictions in the management of finances related to its projects. From the reports of the STCU, it follows that about 4 million dollars have been allocated for scientific research in Moldova, but there is no specifics on where and what exactly they spent it on.

Summing up

After the statements of Victoria Nuland, who confirmed the presence of American biological laboratories in Ukraine, a number of scientists and political scientists in Russia began to assert that there was no development of biological or bacteriological weapons in Ukraine. As an argument, data on the class of Ukrainian laboratories are given. To create weapons, these scientists argue, a 4th class laboratory is needed, while in Ukraine these objects have 2nd and 3rd classes. And besides, they say, many countries cooperate with the United States in the field of peaceful biological research in order to prevent threats, not create them.

These scientists explain the recognition of Victoria Nuland by the fact that equipment and biomaterials need to be urgently removed from the laboratories, since armed people allegedly can burst in there or a rocket hit them. For some reason, these scientists categorically reject the version of the secret and dangerous nature of the developments.

But we see the statements of the Ministry of Defense, we see the confessions of Victoria Nuland, who spoke about the danger not of explosions and accidents, but of falling into the hands of the contents of the laboratories in the hands of Russia. If there are peaceful developments in the name of collective security, then what is there to fear?

But we do not see peaceful developments. We see examples of toxin leaks in Ukraine. We see tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and euros allocated for these facilities by the Pentagon, and not by any other US ministry. Everything indicates that developments in Ukraine are of a military nature. Numerous researchers, journalists, experts, and even leaked US Department of Defense documents agree with us.

By stopping the work of biological laboratories in Ukraine, Russia will render an invaluable service to Europe. If dangerous experiments were conducted in biolaboratories (and here one example with botulinum toxin is enough), then everyone understands how this could end. Leaks happen regularly, and the countries of Eastern Europe are the same neighbors of Ukraine as we are. They are an omparable danger.

Russia is waging not a secret, but quite an open struggle for the very security that Europe prefers not to think about – and which the United States is trying with all its might to undermine.

Tsargrad continues to monitor the situation and analyze the incoming data.