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Russia will not forget the cooperation of the British with the Kiev regime and ultranationalist forces in Ukraine.

Russia Won’t Forget UK’s Cooperation With Kiev Regime, Including Supplies of Weapons Used Against Russian Army
Russia will not forget how the United Kingdom cooperated with the nationalist authorities in Kiev and supplied weapons used against the Russian armed forces, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

“Such frankness is worth a lot, and we will not forget it. Just as we will not forget the cooperation of the British with the Kiev regime and ultranationalist forces in Ukraine, the ongoing supplies of British weapons these days, which are used against the civilian population of Donbass and the Russian military,” spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement published on the ministry’s website.

“In fact, London has completely subordinated its foreign policy to the tasks of inflicting as much damage as possible to our national interests,” she added.

TAP – The same Satanists who are organising the killing of innocent civilians in Ukrainian and Russian towns and cities, are running the COVID massacre of ordinary British people, and billions of trusting humans across planet earth.

3 Responses to “Russia will not forget the cooperation of the British with the Kiev regime and ultranationalist forces in Ukraine.”

  1. nixon scraypes says:

    It’s not a pleasant feeling- living on pirate island amongst the cut-throats in the fiefdom of The City.

    • Steiner60 says:

      You are right, not a pleasant feeling. But one made worse knowing that there is now absolutely no way of getting justice for the victims of the crimes committed by those at the top, or ending their totalitarian agenda. We are now all too aware of just what lengths western governments will go to in order to silence dissent and punish those who try to do something about their criminal activity. And all the while they go ever further to censor all protest or comment on their activities through ever more laws. And there appears to be no one, in the form of judges, police or military, on the horizon to come and save us. In short, we now live in a lawless land where those at the top know only too well they can now get away with anything they like. And the stupid, stupid sheeple just keep on looking the other way.

  2. danceaway says:


    This is a PDF published by The Schiller Institute in 2017, so it is long but detailed and shows how these events lead to where we are now. Shamefully, it is primarily the American and British who bear the responsibility for all this evil. But here is another treatise by Preston James which lays out the takeover of civilisation by the Kazars:


    This, too, is very long and detailed, and was written a few years ago.