Russia identifies commander who fired Tochka-U cluster bomb missile into Donietsk.

This is the work of the US government, says Russell.   A war crime.  A terrorist attack.  NATO is supplying these missiles to Ukraine via Poland.  There are no military targets in central Donietsk.  The individual commander who fired the missile has been identified.  He will face justice if he is taken alive.

Regis Tremblay asks Russell why are the forces surrounding Donietsk not been taken out yet?  The US system is just to flatten cities, he says, killing all the people (collateral damage).  The Russian system is to denazify and demilitarise Ukraine, and avoid civilian deaths and damage to residents if they can.  The Donbas cities are only 10 k from the front line.  Had Ukraine invaded as they intended to do two days after Russia’s liberation, they would have slaughtered all the people.  Now they are using the people as human shields, which makes the cities very hard to take.  This is increasing Russian casualties in the cities.

The NATO masters are giving their instructions to the NAZI armies.  The West wants the war to be as bloody and destructive as possible.

If NATO comes in, Russia will take as much of Europe as it wants.

Nazi battalions are setting up firing points next to hospitals.  They are massacring any civilians who try to leave the war areas. That’s why the Russians are treading carefully.


The Nazis have mined the whole area.  The city is completely surrounded.  Are DPR and Russian forces in the city now, asks Regis?  Yes says Russell.  His old regiment is in.  The noose is tightening.

Lavrov has given Ukraine one more chance to lay down their arms.   Last chance. Then the gloves will come off and Russia will be forced to adopt more aggressive tactics.

The western media is evil – the wilful ignorance of the western people who are buying into this BS.

US blames their opponent of what they are doing themselves.


Shooting like a drum solo near our house this morning firing at Marienka, says Russell, one of the strong points of the Ukrainian front.  They’d been attacking local markets with mortars recently, he says.  Luckily they market closed at 4pm.  Attack was 4.30 pm.  Today the DPR forces went in to give ’em exactly what they deserve in Marienka.  The firing is intense so we’ve moved out of our house into the city while it’s so hot.

Russell Bentley is on Bitchute and Odyssey as he’s deplatformed on Youtube.  V-Kontakt is the Russian version of Facebook – 500 million members.  Get registered on there.  Great quality – way better than Facebook.  Use Firefox Browser as it works well with V-Kontakt.  Use translate key to English.  Well worthwhile.  VPN will also work to get on there.

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  1. Occams says:

    JooToob pulled the vid. Imagine that?