Russell Bentley March 8th interview with Gerald Celente. ‘As goes Donbass, so goes the world’.

Colourful character.   Starts off listing out his past life.

Then onto CIA anti-Russian propaganda accusing Putin of attacking civilian targets.

Russell categorises them as ‘prestitutes’ – everything they say is a lie.

Russia does not do shock and awe, like the US.

Ukrainians are using civilians as human shields.  Russians are taking their time and being careful.

Ukrainian army shooting each other as regulars try to stop AZOV nationalist neo-Nazis from killing their own civilians who wish to escape.

150,000 Ukrainian troops in Donbass up against 30,000.  The war started in summer 2014 when the anti-terrorist operation was ordered in by Joe Biden.

At least 16,000 people have been documented as being killed on the Donbass Republican side.

Recently there’s been an extreme escalation.  The build up over last couple of months was huge intended to go past the cities and seal the border.

This assault was met with long range artillery which wiped out the attacking forces.

The Ukrainian main tactic is the human shield, and the human shield was their plan in Donbass to trap a million people in the city of Donietz.

This was all happening under the direct orders of the United States.  There have been horrendous civilian casualties.

Behind the troops were the einsatzgruppen whose job was to ethnically cleans the region.

Putin attacked two hours before the Ukrainian offensive was launched, and saved 100s of 1000s of lives.

Russell lives within ten miles of the Ukrainian army, artillery, missiles and mobile kidnap squads.

Shells fall every day on civilian and military targets.

The Russians went round the main Ukrainian forces and some of the 150,000 have left, but the rest are sitting waiting to see how the war goes.

Two weeks ago, half the Ukrainian army was in Donbass.

The Russians had up to the minute intelligence of the Ukrainian army’s intention to invade.

70,000 women, children, elderly and disabled were evacuated.

Men between 18-55 were conscripted, many thousands.  All are forced to join up.

RT and Sputnik are not much better than Western media.

Zelensky would love to get out but he’s most likely in Ukraine still.

Putin says no one can know how this is going to end up.

Two months to go if things keep going according to plan, bar a few setbacks so far.

The Ukrainian political structure could collapse.

Russia doesn’t want to occupy Ukraine.

Operation Z is a liberation.  Russia wants to remove the military threat, and push Nato out of the frame in Ukraine.

Russian wants the bio-weapon labs removed.  They are collecting the DNA samples of ethnic Russian people.  Why?

Gerald – Russia was attacking the attacker.

Russell – This is D day removing Nazi occupation as with France in 1944.

Gerald – I’m a warrior for the prince of peace.  I’m concerned that this might lead onto WW3 with the media whipping up hatred of Russians,

and people are buying into it.  War is a racket.

Russell – As goes Donbass, so goes the world.





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