Resistance is already strong and it is growing.

Here’s a little math no one is doing.

The Biden scriptwriters are telling us gasoline prices are so high because of Putin.

But wait, Russia only supplies 4% of our oil, but prices have gone up by 90% since Biden took office.

We seem to have a little mismatch there.

But it is even worse than that, because the prices went up by 90% before we cut off delivery of Russia’s oil. We haven’t yet officially cut off Russian oil yet, so we might be able to blame the next 4% rise on that after we do. We can’t blame the 90% rise in the past on that. So I guess these people telling you this, including Biden, Psaki, and all the other paid pimps and creeps on TV and online must think you are an idiot, one who can’t even follow first-grade math or logic. They think you can’t tell past from present, and think you may believe 4=90. That’s what they really think of you.

They are just spitting in your face.

How long are you going to keep taking it? You could end this any time. It can all stop. The deadly vaccines, the fake wars, the fake news, the mad promotion of homosexuality and transsexuality, the destruction of sex, the destruction of race relations, the destruction of family, the destruction of youth, the destruction of health, the destruction of food, the destruction of sense: it could all end tomorrow. JUST SAY NO! Quit bending over and taking it. The middle and lower classes need to revolt worldwide and pull these people down. It has already started with the truckers, so join them. But don’t just target DC and the state capitals. Target the big media companies pushing this fake narrative on you. Target the military bases and Intel centers creating these narratives. Target the billionaires and trillionaires funding this hell and creating the central script. Yes, we are in end times. Their end. They are collapsing and you need to keep pushing them. They are pushing you hard, but it is all a bluff, so push back twice as hard.

Remember, they are lying to you about the split as well. They want you to think that only half the country is against them. They want you to think that most Democrats support them. They want you to think Biden’s approval rating is still at 37% or something. But none of that is true. Biden’s approval rating can’t be above 5%. What sort of absolute moron could approve of the past year, or think Biden is doing a good job? The truth: NO ONE DOES. No real person thinks things have gotten better in the past year. I am told everyone supports the war against Russia. But who is this everyone? The paid Tiktok jerks posing with their flags? The government agents on Facebook and Youtube? The creeps on The View or CNN or some other TV show no one watches? The people in Congress, who collectively have an approval rating of something like 9%? Like the Antifa aholes, none of those people are real. Like all those people arguing in favor of Critical Race Theory or sex education for five year olds or whatever, these people on TV and online aren’t even real. They are paid agents, hired to create support for the latest fake and scare you off the streets.

They are desperately trying to nip this revolution in the bud, and this is how they do it: they make you think half the country is against you. They make you think these policies have some support, by hiring a few Colberts and Whoopi Goldbergs and Cynthia Nixons to promote them, but no one outside of DC or Hollywood really does support them. The New World Order and Great Reset have almost zero real support. Maybe 2% support, from the already very wealthy. So it isn’t you that can be ignored, it is them. If the 98% decide to move against them, all the militaries of the world will not help them. After a few initial skirmishes (which, yes, you may lose), the soldiers will join you. So quit being bluffed into thinking you can’t win. You can win, and you will, but you better get after it. If you wait much longer, they will have debilitated you past the point of all action. They are even now turning your children into slugs that couldn’t revolt against an ice cream truck.

But just remember this: they and their children are even worse. What they have done to you they have also done to themselves, but in heels and dancing backwards. Meaning, their curse against you has reflected back upon them, as curses always do, doubling in the return. The more evil they get, the weaker they become, which means they are extremely weak right now. They are like roaches that have sprayed themselves with Raid, and they are now running around in circles. Step on them while the stepping is good. Another bluff is that if we pull them down we won’t be able to run the world. It is too complex for us. Bull. Your average restaurant manager could run the world better than these bastards. What are they currently doing right? They have turned this planet into a literal hell for most people and most animals, and almost anything would be better.

But of course you won’t win by driving around shooting at things and blowing things up. Like the truckers, you have to ORGANIZE. Our Constitution is not perfect, but it gives you avenues for doing this all legally, without committing treason or sedition. This is a country born of revolution, so it can hardly outlaw positive revolution. Treason would be trying to overthrow our democracy and Republic, by scrapping the Constitution and trying to install another form of government, such as—oh, I don’t know—corporatocracy. Exactly what the governors are doing. That is treason. What we are doing is not treason, since we are trying to rid ourselves of embedded tyrants, who have tried to place themselves above and beyond the law and the people. Mainly we are trying to rid government of extragovernmental entities that are acting outside the law: entities like WEF, Bilderberg, the Aspen Institute, the Cato Institute, the Trilateral Commission, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the CFR, the Federal Reserve, GoldmanSachs and their tools in CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, military intelligence and media (including Hollywood). All such organizations should be strictly outlawed, since they are just a way for the superwealthy to prey on the rest of us via covert rapine and 24/7 propaganda and gaslighting.

There is nothing treasonous about calling for their ends, since they are treasonous themselves. In fact, every single person involved in those organizations (and hundreds of others) should be brought up on charges of treason and punished to the full extent of the law. And that includes all the lying actors and directors that have been twisting our minds for decades. This is why these people are now accusing us of treason. They always accuse others of what they are doing themselves. They undermined the Constitution on purpose, which is treason, so they turn and accuse their accusers of treason. It is debate 101. Lie and then accuse the other side of lying when they catch you at it. It is the surest sign of desperation, and these liars are especially desperate right now, since they have lost control of the whole narrative. Their web of lies is even now unwinding on them, and every new lie just makes it worse. They have been existing on a knife-edge since 2001, just barely keeping their heads above water and out of the guillotine, but with the Covid and vaccine crime against humanity they went way too far, and no fake war with Russia is going to erase that. Here is the news you aren’t being told: the revolution is already under way. Resistance is already strong and it is growing.

The fake war in Ukraine will not stop it, it will only add to the anger as people realize it is another gaslighting. The government is trying to save itself, but it is just digging its hole deeper. There were ways for the government to reverse out of this before Covid, but it decided to keep doubling down and it has sealed its own doom. The fake Ukraine war is the attempt to double down again after the Covid crime against humanity, but it won’t work. It is failing even as we speak. It will divert attention only in the short term, but people are already seeing through it. Millions of people have already quit their jobs in protest, which is as good as a tax revolt since if you have no income you can’t be expected to pay income taxes. Millions more will quit in the upcoming months. They tell us new jobs are being created, but that is bull. Those are the jobs now open from millions quitting, so that doesn’t really count as job creation, does it? “Everyone in the country just quit their jobs in a tax revolt, so we just created 100 million jobs, yeah!” So here is a little more math I did in my head:

Their only remaining hope of saving their necks is in the upcoming mid-term elections. They had planned to have the Republican party ride in to save the day, but at this point that won’t be enough to quell the rebellion. Things have spun out far beyond that script, which won’t fool anyone. As I run the numbers, I see their only chance of avoiding a real grassroots rebellion is to stage their own fake one, a sort of 1776 redux, whereby some band of photogenic patriots does a thorough housecleaning, disappearing the entire current cast of characters to oblivion, including Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann, Sean Penn, Whoopi Goldberg, Liz Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, and all the rest. In other words, giving the Reds a majority in both houses won’t solve anything. The whole legislative lot need to be prosecuted for corruption and new elections called with new strict election laws—all the election machines and computers being thrown into a scrap heap. Same for the entire executive branch and judicial branch, of course. The military and Intel would also have to be purged, but of the opposite people it has just been purged of. Both the military and Intel would have to be vastly downsized or re-assigned to positive projects—like arresting all those involved in the current crime against humanity.

Media would also have to be reined in, and all ties between government and media would have to be cut. The Federal Reserve would have to killed and replaced by a real National Bank owned by the people—not as a nod to Communism but as a safeguard against theft. Not only that, but banking as a profit-making enterprise should be banned altogether. A Constitutional Convention should be called and the Constitution should be rewritten and updated: beefed up considerably to address modern concerns. As it now stands, the Constitution is just one big loophole, utterly failing to limit the power of the superrich. In other words, as I see it the only hope of proceeding without major violence against the superrich is for the superrich to give us our due without violence. It is that simple. They need to de-Grinch and ride down from the mountain with the sled of toys, or they are going to be thrown from it into the abyss. What they have forgotten is that laws and Constitutions not only protect us from them, they protect them from us. They prevent things from getting so bad we have nothing left to do but pull them down. You will say I have shown all the revolutions of the past were fake, so why do I think this one is real, or may succeed? Because the current mess is nothing like any previous one.

It is categorically different, and therefore far more dangerous to the rulers. For one thing, they are attempting naked tyranny on huge populations in the west long-schooled on freedom and democracy. That has never before been seen in history. These populations are not only huge, they have huge resources. Not only do they have weapons and vehicles and means of communication, they have know-how and access to all companies. We work everywhere and it is our knowledge that actually keeps things running, not theirs. They just sit around and buy things and come up with schemes of fraud. That also has never been true in history, or not to this extent. In the past, information was extremely limited, and most people didn’t have a clue what was going on. Skills were also limited, since there was no middle class. Peasants mostly wouldn’t think of rebelling against tyranny, since they were born into it and knew nothing else. But the new tyranny is strange and alien to us, arising mostly since 2001 and accelerating sharply. It conflicts grossly with all we were taught. We had no real Republic before 2001, but we had a pretty good pretense of one, with the theft and graft fairly well hidden. For most of the 20th century we had a prosperous middle class and an upper class with at least the outward appearance of restraint. But that has all gone out the window, with the upper class now absolutely losing its mind in a frenzy of open rapine.

Another sign the upper class is due for a big fall is that they have made many powerful enemies in their own ranks. They have tried to divide and conquer us while ignoring their own divisions. The upperclass, like the corporations, has actually been contracting. Meaning, while their total assets have been rising, their total numbers have been going down. As companies swallow companies, rich people are jettisoned, and many of them are pissed. As companies prey on one another, billionaires prey on one another. Fewer and fewer families and fewer and fewer people own more and more. But those jettisoned remain multi-millionaires with contacts and power, and we are seeing them lead the rebellion. One way they do that is to feed information to the rest of us. That, too, has never before happened in history, or not on this scale.

Before the internet, those people would not have been able to educate us so easily, you see. That is a very great danger to the trillionaires, who are forced to retreat further and further into their fortresses. What they most fear is a coalition of these millionaires seizing an air force, at which point no fortress will suffice. That is what all these spy agencies are about, you know. They aren’t spying on you and me. They are spying on the powerful people just below them, you know. For that reason, the present is nothing like any past. We are in virgin territory, and anything could happen. Since the superrich appear to have utterly lost their minds, it probably will happen. I do not fear a nuclear war, but we could very well see the Phoenix go up in flames very soon. If they stage their own conflagration, they may be able to limit the damage somewhat; if they don’t, the damage is pretty much limitless. But again, don’t be afraid: you and I have very little to lose. Everything to lose is on their side. The more you possess, the more you are possessed, and these people are literally possessed.