Relieving Donbass town by town, street by street

There might not be much going on in Central Kyiv (Kiev) with transport still operating and life going on up to a point, but there is plenty going on elsewhere.


War In Ukraine Day 17: Ukrainian Forces Slow Down Russian Advance In Donbass (Videos 18+)

Ukrainian tank in Mariupol

On March 12, some advances of Russian, LPR and DPR forces were reported in Eastern Ukraine, where the DPR units continued their offensive on the Donbass front lines, while Russian troops advanced in the Zaporizhia region. However, there were no significant victories by any of the warring sides that could lead to any strategic gains.

Fighting continue in various areas in the Donbass region.

War In Ukraine Day 17: Ukrainian Forces Slow Down Russian Advance In Donbass (Videos 18+)

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The advanced detachments of the Luhansk People’s Militia reached the outskirts of the city of Severodonetsk, which is blockaded from the norther, north-eastern and north-western directions. Fierce clashes continue in the village of Rubezhnoye and in the outskirts of Severodonetsk.

The LPR People’s Militia took control over the villages of Molodezhnoye, Vozgorye. Clashes continue in the town of Popasnaya, where the southern and central regions were moped up by the LPR.

Roads in the region were mined by the UAF:The town of Volnovakha, which was taken by the DPR on March 11, was almost completely secured, so that the DPR troops are passing through the town heading towards the town of Ugledar. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are also advancing towards the village of Velikaya Novoselka and the town of Ugledar in order to join DPR forces there.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation advanced 12 km more on a broad front and took control over the villages of Novoandreevka, Kirilovka and reached the Novomayorskoye- Pavlovka -Nikolskoye – Vladimirovka – Blagodatnoye front line.

On March 12, the UAF deployed near the village of Maryinka in the south-western outskirts of Donetsk reportedly repelled the DPR attack, inflicting losses to the DPR ranks.

Numerous air strikes of the Russian Aerospace forces were reported in the region of Donbass. A large explosion was reported in the resort near the city of Slavyansk, which was known to become a shelter for the UAF and nationalist fighters.

At the same time, Ukrainian artillery continued intense fire on the positions of the DPR military as well on the cities of Donetsk, Horlovka and nearby villages, targeting civilian infrastructure and residential areas. The local market located near the hospital #20 in the city of Donetsk was hit.

According to the reports of the DPR officials, 26 civilians have been killed and 167 others were wounded since the intensification of hostilities in the Donbass region.

The AFU continue to destroy bridges in order to slow down the advance of the Russian troops and their allies. On March the destruction of bridges in the villages of Pavlovka and Perechistovka was reported.

The use of phosphorous ammunition by the Ukrainian military in the city of Popasnaya was reported by local sources. However, these claims are yet to be confirmed. Such weapons are prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

In the South, the situation in Mariupol remains tense. No mass evacuation of civilians from the city has been carried out so far.

Russian and DPR forces continue the mop up operations from all the directions. The DPR units have reportedly secured their positions in the eastern outskirts of Mariupol, on the Azovstal Street.

The DPR PM reported that on March 12, 8 firing points and 1 militant stronghold have been destroyed. 3 modernized T-64 BV tanks and 1 BMP were captured. 5 servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade of the AFU laid down their weapons.

25 civilians, including 7 children, were evacuated from the liberated houses.

The Russian Defence Ministry reported that Ukrainian nationalist forces besieged in Mariupol carried out a looting raid on residential buildings in Mariupol, shooting resisting citizens. Ukrainian forces are now suffering from lack of sources, including petrol. Robbing civilians is their last chance.

War In Ukraine Day 17: Ukrainian Forces Slow Down Russian Advance In Donbass (Videos 18+)

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In the city of Kharkiv, no assaults of Russian forces was reported. The warring sides are holding almost the same positions. Heavy artillery fire was reported in the areas of Shishkovka, Kievskaya metro station, the airport, Malyshevskaya industrial zone, the first railway post on Bavaria and Dikanevka.

Clashes continue in the southern district of the town of Izyum, where the AFU are trying to prevent the advance of the Russian troops to the south in the direction of the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk region.

War In Ukraine Day 17: Ukrainian Forces Slow Down Russian Advance In Donbass (Videos 18+)

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No advances by any side were reported in the Kiev region. Russian forces are attempting to reach the southern outskirts of the city in order to blockade it. However, there were no breakthroughs reported for several days in a row. Russian forces are likely waiting and reinforcing their positions around the city. At the same time, the mop up of the capital or any major assault on the city are likely to be avoided. The sourrounding of the capital has a “diplomatic” aim to persuade the Kiev regime to capitulate.

Clashes continue in the same areas of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel and Vorzel.

The Russian Defence Ministry shared the footage of the cover operation during the airborne landing at the airfield near Gostomel on February 24.

In the southern regions of Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa, no major military developments were reported.

On March 11, at least one Russian Ka-52 helicopter was shot down in the Kherson region.

The city of Mykolaiv is partially blocked, and clashes continue on the outskirts of the city. The fortification of Russian positions was reported in the Kashperovo-Nikolaevka — Peski — Khristoforovka region.

Part of the Russian grouping near Mykolaiv moved towards Kriviy Rig and Nikopol a few days ago.

The UAF  are waiting for the assault in the city of Odessa, transferring reinforcements from western Ukraine.

On March 11, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired on the Russian civilian vessel Sormovsky 3064 in the Sea of Azov, a criminal case was initiated by the Russian Investigative Committee. There were 11 crew members on board, no one was injured.

At the time of the shelling, the vessel was located at a distance of 12 km north of the village of Shabelskoye in the Krasnodarskiy Kray. A shell hit one of the cabins and the ship caught fire. The fire was localized and the ship left the area.