Putin has now boldly stated coronavirus was developed in Ukraine

Some of the Ukranian biolab employees defected to Putin and spilled the beans. This goes well with it already being known that the labs were being used to study how to get pandemics to spread via migratory animals – that’s why in China it showed up in bats.

Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland threw gas on the topic by stating “We are now in fact quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of those labs, so we are working with the Ukranians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach”

My comment: If Russia went into Ukraine for “no reason”, why would those biolabs be any concern at all? The reaction from Nuland really bolsters the claims made by the employees that worked at the labs. Yes, they may have defected but doing that with the actual materials in your hand would be a tough gig and such proof increases credibility greatly. Now we have confirmation from Nuland that there really is something the West wants to hide which greatly negates the need for the whistleblowers to bring to Putin absolute proof (seriously impossible when fleeing Ukranian assassins). Big problem there. Putin really was justified.

So Ukraine and the west at the biolabs are literally “shredding ballots” to cover up their biowarfare programs. They have the expert at document destruction making sure nothing is found before a “Russian audit” happens.

Russia’s top people are fleeing Moscow.

It is fairly obvious the West wants nuclear war to cover up vax deaths and Putin is not backing down in the face of massive escalation by the west.

Passenger jets that have only the job of being for passengers that belong only to the Russian air force are leaving Moscow and going to remote locations. So far it has amounted to 2 sukhoi superjets (capacity 85 each) two tupolev 214 (210 passengers each) 1 tupolev 204 (190 passengers) an antonov an-148 (80 passengers) 1 IllyushinII-96 (430 passengers) 1 Airbus A319 (120 passengers. They are all headed to points east of Moscow, well into the Russian heartland.

911 happened in part because the Pentagon had a missing $2 trillion they did not want to answer for, and quite conveniently the computers holding that data were exactly where the plane hit. The same people just got done death jabbing 3 billion people. Think they’d launch a nuclear war to cover that up?

The U.S. has given Ukraine 100 killer drones. That’s an escalation Putin probably won’t tolerate.


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