NEEDLES FOREVER: United Kingdom’s NHS launches FIFTH COVID jab

Just as many said would happen, the number of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” that governments want to be injected into people’s bodies is becoming endless.

In the United Kingdom, the government’s National Health Service (NHS) has unveiled a fifth covid injection, which is now available to 400,000 people who have already received four doses.

The spring “booster” program is offering shots to at least five million people who received just three injections so far, with appointments opening up to 600,000 of them in the latter half of March for those folks to get their fourth injection.

“We’re getting ready for a fourth jab because we’re going to need it,” announced Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a recent Tory conference in Blackpool.

Those who have already taken four shots will now be lined up for a fifth shot. After that, we expect that there will be a sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth shot, followed by an infinite number of shots after that.

“We have protected millions of people thanks to the efforts of our staff and volunteers,” explained NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard. “They will once again rise to the next challenge.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid further added that Great Britain’s “phenomenal vaccination program has saved countless lives and built a wall of defense which has allowed us to learn to live with COVID.”

This is the same Sajid Javid, by the way, who promised late last year that Brits will be taking COVID injections four times a year for the rest of their lives.



The more people get boosted, the sicker they become

The U.K. Health Security Agency (HSA) claims that since mid-December, some 157,000 hospitalizations have been prevented because of booster injections. The proof to back this, however, is nonexistent.

Some of the most recent data from the HSA suggest the opposite to be true, in fact.

The vast majority of people who are getting sick and having to be hospitalized for “COVID,” it turns out, are people who took their injections, including the boosters, as prodded by the government.

Many of these “fully vaccinated” and “fully boosted” individuals also now suffer from vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), which is likely to become much more of a problem in the coming months and years as immune destruction progresses.

The Daily Exposé has reported extensively on VAIDS, dissecting the HSA data to uncover the truth. More often than not, the HSA reports the exact opposite of what its own data actually reveal when looking at it closely.

The real-world effectiveness of the jabs is actually negative, meaning the shots degrade immune function, not promote it. And yet the HSA continues to lie to the world about who is really getting sick and occupying hospital beds.

“England is very much experiencing a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, with the vaccinated over 18 population as a whole recording a shocking 1.67 million cases in January 2022, compared to just 228,750 cases among unvaccinated people over the age of 18,” the Exposé reported.

If it is true that the double-, triple-, quadruple-, and quintuple-jabbed are losing their immune function due to VAIDS, and that the more jabs a person gets, the faster this immune degradation occurs, then the world is in for a serious public health crisis in the very near future.

“One neighbor suddenly broke out in shingles, and another is on trip 3 of diagnostic tests to try and figure out what is wrong with him (heart issues, breathing issues and others). Both fully jabbed and boosted,” wrote someone in Natural News.

“Too far gone to bring up the obvious mRNA elephant in the room, but hard to ignore that it is a likely root cause or contributor.”

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4 Responses to “NEEDLES FOREVER: United Kingdom’s NHS launches FIFTH COVID jab”

  1. RKae says:

    “Health Secretary Sajid Javid…”

    Golly when India was run by people named “Clive” and “Nigel” that was called “colonialism.”

    I thought we decided that colonialism was evil. Hmmm….

    • ian says:

      It only works like that when we do it. They’re allowed to do whatever they want. White = bad, white haters = good. The white working class are particularly bad, because of their white privilege. I think it helps them fill the forms in at the dole office.

  2. archer says:

    I spotted an article today about the workers at COVID testing sites being layed off at a moments notice with no ongoing support – presumably due to nobody bothering with testing nowadays. Well boo-hoo for them – perhaps they can try and get a proper job now, having been paid money for virtually nothing over the last two years?

  3. ian says:

    I really thought that they’d been rumbled, but no, cloud cuckoo land still dishes out the clot shot. I’ve noticed a few shady fly by night types round here now work for the test sites, last time they worked was the foot and mouth scam. Probably be in government or TV next.