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For today’s featured article we are pleased to share the following from Vaccine News. As governments try to use the conveniently timed attack by Russia on Ukraine to build a new hysteria to drown out the previous hysteria in the hope they will escape justice for the crimes they have committed against their own people.

We refer of course to the Mass Poisoning Event engineered through the experimental booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines.  It is vital we do not forget the ongoing atrocity right here at home.

Millions of people fully vaccinated for COVID are now suffering from excruciating illnesses

Potentially millions of “fully vaccinated” people are now suffering with a range of jab-induced illnesses that may or may not be curable. And the unfortunate reality for them is that they will probably never find the answers or solutions they need.

“I’ve tried to use very neutral language to describe these events, but this has been a very difficult process for me to watch,” the doctor wrote, referring to the many stories that are pouring in from jab-damaged folks.

“Many of the people I know and have guided through the process have access to options for mitigating these injuries, something most people don’t. I’ve read through various support groups, and in general found their experiences are typically worse than what I am describing here as they are not privileged to have access to way to mitigate the harm.”

Initially, it was believed that the more serious side effects, at least, would be minimal. Only a tiny fraction of people, we were told, would even know they took the shots afterwards because their health would be just fine. This is proving to be false.

“Once the vaccine was release to the general public, I began seeing patients appear for various acute autoimmune and neurological conditions (I would classify as ‘moderate’) immediately following vaccination at a much higher rate than I had expected,” the doctor wrote.

“Each time they told me the other doctors they saw either insisted the reaction was either not linked to vaccination, or the fact they had the reaction was a really good sign, because if they ended up getting COVID the adverse event would have been much, much worse. Shortly after, I then began having friends contact me inquiring if the vaccine could cause a fatal heart attack or stroke, something I had not anticipated would occur.”

COVID injections are causing “very strange effects” that doctors “cannot explain the mechanism for

As the official narrative surrounding the “safe and effective” injections continued to crumble, the doctor began compiling data to compare what is actually happening in real life to what the corporate-controlled media and the government are claiming is the case.

“My primary reason for all of this is that everyone likes to say ‘severe reactions to vaccines are 1/1,000,000,” the doctor adds. “My logic was there is absolutely no way I know 1,000,000 people through one degree of separation.”

“My guess is I know 50,000-100,000 people through one degree of separation so at the absolutely most I will hear of 10 percent of the cases (probably less) within this sample, so if I have at least 10 cases of severe injury within this sample that is a large red flag.”

Among the deadly side effects observed by the doctor are:

• Strokes, likely strokes and blood clots
• Hemorrhages
• Heart conditions
• Sudden death (unknown cause)
• Anaphylaxis and allergies
• Other neurological conditions
• Psychiatric conditions
• Autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue
• Immune suppression and cancer
• Menstrual irregularities and miscarriages
• Birth defects

There are also other “very strange effects,” the doctor further noted, that “I cannot explain the mechanism for.” This is perhaps due to the fact that messenger RNA (mRNA) technology has never before been used in humans, and thus the damage it causes is new to those in the medical field.

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Mass Poisoning Event update

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