Mark Sexton March Update – They’ve Failed The People

ER Editor: We’ve been waiting for this update for a while.

Retired police officer Mark Sexton, who speaks in the video below, and many other by now well-known people had managed to get a criminal dossier, complete with file number, opened into the conduct at the UK vaccination centres, based on a large amount of medical and legal evidence submitted. As a veteran of the force, Sexton saw no problem with the evidence that had been put forward to the police and expected an investigation to proceed.

We then saw this put out by the Metropolitan Police as of February 22, 2022:

UPDATE: Assessment of allegations relating to the UK Covid-19 vaccine programme

No further action will be taken following an assessment of allegations made about the UK’s Covid-19 vaccine programme.

On 20 December, a number of documents were submitted at a west London police station in support of claims that alleged people in the UK Parliament and other organisations had suppressed information about the severity of health implications for those taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

It was suggested, by the complainants, that offences including gross negligent manslaughter and misconduct in public office may have taken place.

Following an assessment of all the available evidence, it is clear that no criminal offences are apparent. The Metropolitan Police will not be launching a criminal investigation and no further action will be taken in relation to the allegations.

Bizarrely, it continues:

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors said: “The vaccines in use against Covid-19 have been approved by all the relevant national and international regulatory bodies. They underwent multiple trials and were subject to stringent approval processes. They are in use in more than 100 countries.

“We have found no evidence to support any claims that information about adverse health implications is being suppressed or withheld from the public in the manner that was alleged. …

In view of everything we’ve published as to the ‘vaccine’ contents, the harms that have ensued, the more than 1,000 peer reviewed papers showing the harms caused by the vaccines, the fact that the public is being used as trial subjects, this bland formulaic response of officialdom whitewashes all that. It is truly chilling to find out that the law and the courts cannot defend the people.


Sexton produced this video this past Sunday, March 13. Here are some notes:

  • What is our govt actually doing to the people of the UK? When did they ever announce some good news? Instead, the news is full of gloom and doom and fear tactics in a variety of aspects of daily life. When do they start working for us instead of against us? They work for us, contrary to what they believe. MPs get 80,000 pounds per year for this. All e-mails, petitions and protests are being ignored. We didn’t vote in the World Economic Forum, the UN, the WHO or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They slip these things in by the back door. We haven’t given our permission for these people to spend our tax money as they wish. So why are these organizations telling us what we can and cannot do? We need these people to get out. Why is the UK govt changing the UK Human Rights Act? They’ll keep changing everything until our inalienable rights are taken away. We employ them to do a job for us. There is a gentleman’s agreement, which they’re going against.
  • The role of the police is to protect the citizens from harm, injury and loss – to keep the Queen’s peace. Yet they’re not doing that anymore. Many people have gone to them with evidence of crimes being committed. But they’re not doing their job, they’re no longer impartial. We know this through the Metropolitan Police case. The evidence that was submitted by Philip Highland, Lois Bayliss, Dr. Sam White and Mark Sexton, along with a number of internationally renowned experts, virologists, immunologists, doctors, professors, barristers, lawyers, &etc. The ‘evidence is vast, damning and irrefutable’. ‘The evidence is there’. There needs to be remedy for those who have died, who are suffering from loss, injury and harm. They sat on that evidence for two months and did nothing with it. They never spoke to any of the witnesses, experts, GPs, etc. They just kept ignoring these people, and ignored all e-mails, phone calls, etc. Now they are saying that no crimes have been identified. They have lied. Jane Connors (ER: deputy assistant commissioner of The Metropolitan Police) has lied and is perverting the course of justice. Tor Garnett is also a liar and is perverting the course of justice. If they had read these witness statements, they would have seen the problem. When a crime number is issued (ER: which it had been), an investigation starts. …. (he gives credit to all those who had come forward to file complaints and perform peaceful activist work, etc.) … ‘As a collective, we’ve been brilliant. But it’s not over.’ ‘We need MPs to be taken out of office – they’re not fit for purpose.’ Police constables aren’t doing the job for which they’re paid either. The Metropolitan Police are criminally liable for their actions and inactions, each and every person. We’re not stopping; the evidence is still going in. This isn’t the only thing that can be done.
  • They’re regrouping; they’re coming back. We need to do the same. … (He mentions the ongoing spraying of the skies, which prevents us from getting sunshine and Vitamin D, the chemical composition of the drinking water.) … We didn’t agree to any of this. Prices for everything are skyrocketing in order to bankrupt us. Yet people are coming in from other countries, staying in hotels with 3 meals a day all at taxpayer expense (at a cost of 4 million pounds per day). Why can’t we close the borders? Why can’t we do for the elderly during winter what we’re doing for people coming into the country? Or the homeless or the veterans? Let’s take care of our own. … (He talks about creating a bogeyman of Russia and Putin while ignoring what devastation the western countries wrought on Iraq, Libya & Gadaafi, Yemen, etc.) … The corrupt, biased media are playing us. What happened to being just, truthful, fair and honest, open caring and loving? … The amount of money out there being wasted. Where’s it going? … We’ve had two years of Covid? Where’s that gone? … Prices of everything are going up on us, yet there’s always money for wars. They’re just going to keep doing this.
  • Why don’t they use our tax money for positive things which benefit people? Instead of a vaccine passport, we could have a free gym membership where we have to develop our health. Imagine the benefits we would have as a nation, and we’d be happier and healthier, fewer visits to the doctor. Instead, we spend billions on things that we don’t need, on a virus – real or not – that has a high recovery rate. A health message could be spread throughout the media instead of gloom and doom over a virus or a war. We need to take a long hard look at what’s going on around us. The media are a disgrace.
  • We are paying these people who are making us suffer. We need to stop paying them because they’re not doing their jobs. Why are we paying road tax, council tax and national insurance, for example? Why are we paying money to be terrorized by psychopaths. Where is our money going?
  • This is two years of their 10-year Agenda 21 plan. They’ve broken all their oaths and agreements. We need a society separate from their corporate agendas. We need to stop what is happening.

Put an end to the tyranny. Get the psychopaths out of office.



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Mark Sexton March Update – They’ve Failed The People


3 Responses to “Mark Sexton March Update – They’ve Failed The People”

  1. Derek says:

    What a state of play. Thank you Mark Sexton. My MP is just one who takes and gives nothing back, often not even a measured reply. That is left to a new central response department, saves the individual from taking time out of their important and busy day to answer constituents.

    As Mark clearly and correctly states:
    “They don’t work for us”.

  2. emm jay says:

    Hmm … I wonder if Mark Sexton is aware of The English Democrats, and whether, together, they could create some traction?

  3. ian says:

    Mark Sexton seems a very decent bloke, but perhaps naive for believing the official narrative. I’ve mentioned it before, but a quote by an American ex presidential advisor, in Chomsky’s book “Necessary Illusions”, and no I don’t think he’s named, nor the president he advised. He said, ” Be under no illusions. The role of government is to serve corporate power and the ruling elite. The role of the media is to control the ignorant and stupid masses.”. Remember that, and much seems clearer. Ps the police are there to control us and protect the elite from us.