Mariupol. Shelling intensified. Patrick Lancaster on the ground.

Shelling Intensified In Mariupol (GRAPHIC 18+) (Special Report)

TAP.  Looks like they need to fly a few drones around and acquire some more missile targets.  Artillery seems to be the problem on the Donetsk front as well.

Can we make some progress with this type of attack?  The guns can fire up to 30 miles so they can take a bit of locating.  If the troops don’t have artillery fire locators, they’ll have to use drones to search for the perpetrators.  It must be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Other than when facing the Nationalist brigades, the Russians are finding some willingness to lay down arms by some Ukrainian units.   If supplies are cut off, and communications, this tendency is likely to increase.   The Russians only need to take out the Nationalist brigades, and their NATO accomplices.  Most Ukrainian soldiers would be happy to go home and stop the war any time.

This Russian general explains the situation.

Russian General gives an honest assessment of the Ukraine operation so far. ‘Our main losses came in the first three days.’