Israelis are Jew-Jab Guinea Pigs

It may seem odd that Israelis are victims of the Jew-Jab.
Illuminati Jews (Sabbatean-Frankists)
hate anyone who is not a Satanist.
That includes other Jews.
Ilana Rachel Daniel, is an Israeli health advisor, health and safety researcher, activist, and writer.

by Ilana Rachel Daniel
(excerpts by
All that has happened in the past few years happened in Israel first…

Israelis were barraged from the outset with a campaign of fear, coercion, threats, and incitement that only worsened with the change of government to PM Naftali Bennett – who’s been quoted with such gems as when echoing US President Biden, proclaiming his “tolerance” for the unvaccinated has run out.

Or on another occasion, how he wanted parents to “fight among themselves” into compliance. He’s asked neighbour to encourage neighbour to do their civic duty. And he’s breached the sanctity of the parent-child relationship several times, going on to national television, directly addressing our youth to go and get jabbed, lest he be forced to restrict their summer fun. And that was just within the first weeks and months of his Premiership…

one-ugly-jew.jpg(Bennett, graduate of Klaws Swab’s School for Globalist dictators)

So, in crude fashion, we saw on repeat in the days prior to the next targeted age group, the media with carpet bomb channels with overnight and first time ever frenzy stories of hospitalisations and dire health consequences – first to pregnant women, then later for 16-year-old youth, then 12-year-olds, and, in passing another point of no return, to our 5-year-old children.
Healthy young kids who may have already had and recovered from a Covid infection in a full year’s time prior – with the whole of their lives ahead of them – were made to believe they had to rush and take a, still in its trial, technology into their cellular system without a single existing long-term safety data.

No system was initially installed to record adverse events post-shot. And only recently, and rather belatedly, has such a database been set up and to this day its existence is all but unknown to the public at large. It’s only been with the heroic efforts of, Israel’s People Committee and Avital Livny’s testimonials project that any chinks in Israel’s “happily ever after” narrative were even seen.

When the Ministry of Health boasted on Facebook that the booster seemed to be “safe and effective,” they received upwards of 27,000 … catastrophic reports of the harm or death incurred post-injection – themselves, friends and relatives…

And the Ministry of Health fully panicked, disabled translation into English, and began deleting those comments claiming they were foul language – but many were saved with screenshots.

We ourselves submitted a FOIA last March enquiring how many people had died post-shot. And the Ministry of Health’s reply was that they did not know.


I would say, that in order to convince the rest of the world to roll up its collective sleeves, no knowledge of harm incurred ever could reach the public.

This has left Israelis entirely gaslit, having been subjected to human testing on one hand, and denied recourse or even acknowledgement of that damage done on the other. Damage that will continue to be revealed for years to come…

Netanyahu bought 60 million doses for a 9-million-person population…

With the month of January 2022 clocking more positive test results than the entirety of 2021 combined, we could probably conclude that this has been a colossal failure and close up shop. Instead, there is an open recommendation for a mind bending fourth dose to the general population 16 years and up...

And still school children and employees are forced to pay out of pocket for several times weekly antigen tests that have been openly admitted by health officials to be exceedingly inaccurate. And that’s quite a statement compared to the potential 97% false positive PCR tests. These tests, which continue to modify behaviour and hold the country hostage – to enter schools, workspaces, a lengthy list of cultural activities and a departure or return to the country, depending on the rules of the day.

And masks, that … most sinister of them all, are still required for even young children indoors. And it’s a dark cloud that’s descended since we covered the light of expression in our faces…

While the world was well aware – and it was openly remarked alongside Bourla, the BBC and Bibi Netanyahu – that the people of Israel were in fact the world’s laboratory, here on the ground, it remains taboo to do so. But the experiment was not only on our physical bodies, but that of a social experiment on this small interdependent nation with the overnight installation of the Third Reich-originated medical apartheid health pass…


And it’s the small crimes and quiet atrocities…has systematically dismantled the trust, hope and optimism that binds this country together. The Green Passes, like a wet cloth left in the laundry pile that’s created a rot from within, whose damage, like that of the shot, continues to unfold.

My first experience of understanding the power of psychological warfare, however aware one attempts to be, has been surrounding the societal horror that is this Green Pass, as it was renamed, cancelled and reinstated…

nimbus.jpgHere in Israel, as we watch surveillance system continuously placed in a blanket infrastructure across country, and as we hear of countless citizens targeted with illegal spyware, we find that we have already lost our privacy. And as our ability to withdraw cash or transfer money above small amounts without express permission is already limited, we know we are at present not in control of our possessions.

The Nimbus Project is a massive seven-year project that will replace the data management infrastructure of government ministries and the IDF. It will see the migration of the entirety of Israel’s non-classified data and computerised applications – everything from government military payrolls to welfare payments to government pensions, as well as the medical files, personal and corporate tax returns of private Israeli citizens – instead of on previous dozens of decentralized locations it will be all in one basket in the cloud of world conglomerates, Amazon and Google.

And with the open bragging that the World Economic Forum has infiltrated governments worldwide, we know that outside interests have direct influence over our sovereign nations. We know that databases will continue to grow as they collect our medical information on digital passports. That 100 billion pictures are already ready for facial recognition of every person on the planet, and that every click and like, and real-life response to the social media platform algorithm leaves no aspect of the human experience too small to be collected in the construction of its digital twin.

This is a demolition of our world as we’ve known it…

2 Responses to “Israelis are Jew-Jab Guinea Pigs”

  1. ian says:

    Israel and Jews are a minefield of problems to talk about, because they or some of them have the power to get the laws arranged to stop you criticising them or discussing their Holocaust colander. . I have no doubt that some people of the Jewish faith are easy to get on with people, but many of them also believe that they are Gods chosen people, and that sex with kids is ok, and that they can legally take anything from the Goy cockroaches. Makow always makes out that they’re not like that, and only a few bankers etc do all the dirty work. My opinion?? It’s possibly illegal to discuss it, I don’t know.

  2. danceaway says:

    Ian, have a look at this. It includes much of the history covered so brilliantly by Alex Thomson; much of it is not at all PC, for obvious reasons. To some of us it makes a lot of sense, but many would declare it inflammatory. If one has an open mind, we must be willing to consider though?