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Irish Savant – irishsavant.net March 6, 2022

Everything you read and hear about sanctions in the current conflict focus on their impact on Russia. Trade to and from that country has indeed been drastically curtailed and without doubt the population will suffer. But Russians are used to suffering and previous sanctions initiatives have had minimal impact even when the ruble collapsed on the markets in 2014. What the West doesn’t understand is that the ruble is the currency the Russians use inside the country but the price of oil and gas is the Russian currency outside the country. In fact it’s plausible to suggest that the ensuing autarchy has strengthened the country in the medium to long term. Admittedly previous sanctions regimes have been much less draconian than those now being implemented. In fact when ‘the West’ (I use that term to describe the United States and its satraps) throws all restraint aside and resorts to downright piracy and gangsterism (Italy robbing a Russian billionaire’s yacht, America robbing Iranian and Venezuelan oil on the high seas, Libya’s and Iraq’s gold – the list is endless) maybe Russia will decide to respond in kind.

Much is made of the fact that Russia’s economy is only the size of Italy’s and thus of very limited influence. But crude GDP comparisons mask an interesting reality because were Russia finally to decide to respond in kind the impact on the West would be catastrophic but not for Russia. While the most obvious response would be to cut off oil and gas supplies to the West they could also cut off supplies of grain and fertilisers. Russia controls about half of world potash production and a quarter of its wheat. The combined impact would – in my opinion anyway – bring the West to its knees in quick order. Forking out the equivalent of $30 for a gallon of petrol and the same for a burger will concentrate the minds of the public very quickly. Or the Russians could demand payment for their exports in gold or silver. Either way the reaction could be epic.

Russia has many additional options with which to target the West. They could halt the export of rocket engines, titanium (vital for vehicle, aerospace and medical device manufacturing) and enriched uranium, Russian supplies of which make up half of the fuel for American commercial nuclear power plants. They could take a leaf out of the West’s book and seize the assets of Western banks in Russia and put them in escrow account until they’re satisfied with the West’s response to broader issues. They could stop paying the leases on the hundreds of airliners leased from the West and now located in Russia. The now almost worthless Russian companies quoted on Western stock exchanges can now be bought by the Russian state at a fraction of their intrinsic value. Or they could take a leaf out of the CIA’s book and discreetly foment uprisings in small African countries that supply essential minerals like cobalt to the West. All the while calling for a peaceful solution based on international law. How Putin and his people would laugh at that!

I find it hard to believe that the West could keep the plates spinning in its already shaky financial Ponzi scheme were the system subjected to the shock and awe I’ve described. Monetising won’t work as central bank printers are already smoking from the frantic production of based-on-faith-alone currencies. No, I think Russia holds the aces in this dispute.

However there is another possibility. Could the economic and social cataclysm that would follow such a Russian move play into the hands of the Satanic globalists and provide the pretext to usher in the Great Reset and Agenda 2030? Bear in mind the Masonic motto Ordo Ab Chao, Order Out of Chaos. That’s how they’ve seized power time and again throughout history. Another way of looking at it is through the Hegelian Dialectic, problem –> reaction –>solution.

Be it curse or blessing, we surely live in the most interesting of times.