2 Responses to “Hugo Talks: A new term for us: Sequestering Property:” You will own nothing and be happy ” in action?”

  1. ian says:

    Ideal for the likes of Teflon Tony, he’s got loads of rooms. then there’s Buck’ house.

  2. Mick says:

    I think one effective way to gain people’s homes in the UK will be to end the NHS and introduce privatisation. If your house is worth, say, 500K you wouldn’t need a bill anywhere near that size to be forced to sell your house. A hospital bill for maybe 20% of that would force you to sell. Most people don’t have 100K in the bank, and a hospital bill for 100K could be quite easy to rack up, especially where both man and wife receive treatment.

    Another way to take a lot of houses at the lower end of the housing scale would be to introduce prohibitive property taxes. Again, you wouldn’t need an annual tax that’s 20K if a tax of 5K will eventually take someone’s house worth 100K. They could express that rate not as 5% of the property’s value, but as a weekly rate of 0.1% of the property’s value. That rate looks deceptively small but it’s £100 per week. Many ordinary people won’t have that kind of money as Great Depression II bites them.