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Don’t Leave Peace to Chance. Vote for it.

Don’t leave peace to chance.  Vote for it.

Unfortunately the conflict in Donbass and Ukraine is being dragged out, as we in the West trained the Ukrainian NAZI regiments with our mugs from the SAS.

These are the Ukrainian human shield killers of civilians in Mariupol and elsewhere, making Russian progress much slower than it need have been,

and much more costly in terms of loss of life on all sides, both civilian and military.


Now NATO and Britain are arming the Ukies with anti-aircraft Javelins and Sidewinders, and ant-tank weaponry.

Putin says he won’t forget Britain’s role.


Peace is right.

We (The British) should be out of there.  But of course we have our fingers in the military pie in many parts of the world.

War and Britain are joined at the hip.  It’s time this stopped.


How many British political parties are actively campaigning for peace, and want our war tendency to be brought to an end?

Anyone know?

Actually there’s one.

The English Democrats.

How much main media do they get?


How many supporters do they have?

Unknown – but possibly around 1% of the electorate are listening.

This would be 50% if more people were told that Britain had a peace party.

Let your friends know. We won’t get world peace unless we fight for it.


The Party of English Independence, Democracy and of World Peace.

Don’t leave peace to chance.  Vote for it.