Defense Politics Asia sees Russian moves in Ukraine as opportunistic, surrounding key towns not taking them

After studying the movements of the fighting from satellite pictures, Wyatt Mingji Lim working from Singapore, sees Russian strategy as opportunistic.  Seizing control of power generating infrastructure, mostly without Ukrainian resistance, and hanging off cities like Odessa inviting counterattack from Ukrainians into open countryside.  Their main aim is to stop the Ukrainians re-inforcing their army in Donbass as they gradually surround them in all other sectors.   The main body of the heavy fighting is in the East on the Donbas front, where the surround and throttle strategy is  slowly bearing fruit.

The Nationalist regiments put out a few broadcasts which sound unhinged from reality.

Where there are no Nationalists, the Russians can make progress, and surround the Nationalists, cut off their supplies and wait.  The real fighting and main Ukraine forces are in the Donbas region, where the main fighting is taking place.