Day 29 Summary Russian Liberation becomes war of attrition

A war of attrition is way better than charging off across Ukraine.  Grinding down Ukrainian forces, cutting off supply lines keeps casualties to a minimum on both sides and of civilians.  It also stops the media getting overexcited, and mitigates the Russians as brutal aggressors narrative.  As 99% of the western world has no idea as to how this war started in 2014, the Russians have to try to live within the role ascribed to them, and soften the heat being generated against them by main media.  They are liberators not aggressors.  Ukraine has only one political party – the Nazis.  All others are banned.  The cruelty of the Nazis is beyond belief evil.


Russians and Ukrainians are brothers.  Many have relatives in both countries.  Only the Nazis have brought death and despair to this country.  And who put them into power in the Maidan coup d’etat.  We did, the West.  We are the most evil of all, most people just watching TV and blissfully ignorant of the crimes being committed in their name.  or maybe wilfully ignorant – preferring not to know.  That’s the greatest crime of all – wilfully avoiding the truth.  God will deliver suitable punishment.