Covid Deaths “Impossible to Calculate” as Authorities Used 14 Different Definitions, Say Oxford Researchers

ER Editor: This short, valuable extract from a Times article (paywall, alas) speaks to several topics we’ve published on about the Coronavirus PLANdemic. Namely,

  • Suspicious deaths in carehomes; Do Not Resuscitate orders suddenly issued on the elderly who could otherwise have lived with basic assistance; administration of extraordinary quantities of Midazolam (Rivotril in France) around this time
  • A suspicious volume of ‘death due to Covid’ definitions, which would inflate Covid death statistics
  • Signing off deaths as due to ‘Covid’ without adequate testing (not simply the PCR test)
  • Post-mortems were actively discouraged across the board in many countries around the time Covid infections started. One would imagine them to be ENCOURAGED given the appearance of a new disease.
  • Public health officials know very well that consistent definition is essential for dealing effectively with the problem.

Beyond the ’14 definitions of Covid death’ angle, the report below pieces together a disturbing picture around carehome management, with the judgement of death ultimately being left up to the carehome providers.

So did ANYBODY actually die BECAUSE OF Covid?


Covid Deaths “Impossible to Calculate” as Authorities Used 14 Different Definitions, Say Oxford Researchers


The number of people who have died from Covid in the U.K. during the pandemic is impossible to determine because of the inconsistent definitions of what is meant by a coronavirus death, researchers at Oxford University have concluded.

The Telegraph has the story.

Experts from Oxford University discovered that public health and statistics organisations across the U.K. are operating under 14 different definitions to classify a death from Covid.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, collated for a new report published on Saturday, show that many people who died in the first wave never tested positive for the virus, particularly older people who died in care homes.

Instead, their deaths were registered as Covid simply based on a statement of the care home provider, and because coronavirus was rife at the time.

In some care homes, more than half of the Covid deaths were registered in people without pre-existing conditions, which the report authors said was “implausible” for people who needed residential care.

The authors also point out that it is unlikely that a Covid infection on its own could cause death in the absence of contributing factors, such as other illness, or the infection leading to a more deadly condition such as pneumonia.

The report also found that in some trusts, up to 95% of Covid deaths were in people with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders.

The team said the confusion meant they were unable to separate deaths caused by Covid from those triggered by the pandemic response, and called for a proportion of deaths to be verified by post-mortem in future pandemics to determine the true reason.

Worth reading in full and find the report here.


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Covid Deaths “Impossible to Calculate” as Authorities Used 14 Different Definitions, Say Oxford Researchers