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Changing your mind about Russia

Film maker Regis Tremblay has a unique view on the Crimea because he as an American lives there. He has seen the transformation of this contested region after in changed hands and his unique well informed views have changed the minds of thousands about what is going on in Russia. Regis also hosts a weekly interview program with guests from around the world.

The Tim Kirby Russia Show

Regis is convinced all Russia is trying to do is defend the motherland.  Washington wants to grab the whole world.

Crimea has improved beyond belief since Ukraine left after the referendum.  Under the Ukraine they took our money and never have it back.  Russian investment has changed the place way for the better.  There’s work in Crimea so population is rising as jobs are rising.  There’s not much that’s lacking in Crimea.  Health care is excellent, and costs are very reasonable.  One tenth the health care costs in the USA, which is brilliantly done.