By their enemies shall you know them. Well, maybe

Most of us on here (with one notable exception!) support to a greater or lesser degree Putin’s Ukraine action essentially for what it is not. Or to put it another way we support him because of those who oppose him.

That graphic should have included The Jews as a separate category but I suppose The Media and Hollywood will compensate for that omission. They in turn hate Putin in large part because he seems to oppose the NWO globohomo agenda and Israeli expansionism in the Middle East while encouraging the rebirth of Orthodox Christianity, traditional values, higher birthrates for Russians and thus by extension, White ethnic interests generally.

But does he? Most definitely he opposes the Western Evil Globohomo Empire and its poisonous impact on society. “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values. Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God, and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.” Can’t get much better than that. Russia also has laws banning homosexual propaganda and insulting religious beliefs. But as always the devil is in the details. For a start the main beneficiaries of his traditional family measures are gypsies and Muslims who are cranking out babies in record numbers. Meanwhile the ethnic Russian population continues to decline, both relatively and absolutely. Many visitors to Moscow are stunned at the low proportion of Whites on its streets. The ban on offending religion is enforced mainly in the case of Islam and Judaism. Much of the opposition to globohomo reflects an underlying antipathy to Western Civilisation of which globohomo is just the latest manifestation to the point of being coterminus. And my research on the subject tells me that the anti-White media policies and practices destroying the West are present in Russia as well. Advertisements usually show non-Whites as masterful, good-looking, hard-working, sober and honest, with Whites being represented as the opposite. Non-Whites can found and run their own ethnically-based organisations but Whites can’t. In fact there’s a battery of laws to clamp down on Russian nationalism. Abortion on demand is freely available but of course will never be taken up by Muslims. This in turn leads to the same situation we have in the West where Whites have smaller families because they’re landed with the welfare bills for less productive and more fertile minorities. A vicious circle.

Jews in the West may hate Putin and Russians generally but that country’s Jews proclaim Putin as the best Russian leader ever for their community. Many of the Jewish oligarchs are still in power with their loot intact and enjoy privileged access to the President. Many other factors give us pause for thought. Russia was all on board with the Covid hoax, the mass MRNA vaccination program and the Mark Of The Beast digital ID. Putin’s daughter plays a major role in the transhumanist CRISPR project. His association with the WEF and Schwab goes back thirty years and they refer to one another by their first names. Kissinger has been described as “a valued friend” and is accorded the almost unique distinction of dining at Putin’s private quarters when he visits Russia. Is this the guy saving us from the NWO? Seriously?

And developments in the Ukraine must give all honest people pause for thought. This is a major conflict giving rise to significant casualties and destruction of infrastructure. While acknowledging the endless provocation from ZATO and the resultant exacerbation of Russia’s legitimate security concerns it’s hard to justify the scale of the invasion. At its most basic level it has once again unleashed an internal European war with European people bearing the cost. It has set back for generations any chance of friendly relations between Russia and its European neighbours or cooperation against the forces destroying us. And not just its immediate neighbours. Remember Putin said Russia would not invade while creepy Joe said they would. Joe was right. Let that sink in. These developments raise the possibility that Putin is trying to reestablish the USSR in some form. He has never disavowed it and some of his Ministers have pictures of Stalin in their offices. The names of mass-murdering Bolsheviks still adorn streets all over the country despite long-standing promises to remove them. This is most notable in the ‘independent’ provinces of eastern Ukraine.

So what’s going on? I of course don’t know as we’re being bombarded with lies and disinformation from every side. But here’s my best guess. The exact structure of the New World Order has not yet been agreed so the main stakeholders are and have been for some time jockeying for position and power, cooperating and competing as required. The West, Russia and China all seem to be committed to (or recognise the inevitability of) a new system of global governance, an unprecedented system of control over all of humanity. Note the distinction between ‘government’ and ‘governance’. The former represents a centralised unitary source of power, the latter a system of rules and roles for dividing up the power and spoils. Looked at things this way Putin’s actions, both internally and externally, begin to make more sense. He’s using military and economic power to stake his claim at the table as it were. It’s a pity he didn’t confine his reaction to ZATO provocations to the economic sphere. He could have threatened to cut off energy supplies and/or demanded payment in rubles unless Ukraine were neutralised. Breaking existing contracts? The USA does it every day to the point of piracy on the high seas. Realpolitik always triumphs.

Irrespective of how things turn out eventually, Putin’s reputation has taken a major blow.