Are you prepared for ATMs to go dark? Ice-Nine Plan: Seize + freeze major banks + brokerage firms

2018 Jim Rikards’ video … excerpts

In the book ‘A Cat’s Cradle’, a mad scientist creates a new form of water molecule called Ice-Nine. When it comes in contact with other water molecules it freezes them at room temperature. One drop of Ice-Nine can freeze the whole ocean, and that’s what elite operatives are about to do … freeze the world economy.

One world order, one tax, one money

When the crisis hits they’ll flip the switch freezing the global financial system to give them time to reset the world economy according to their vision: one world order, one taxation, one money not based on $US.

Strange and disturbing ‘mourning’ after Ice-Nine freeze

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More than 189 operatives have slowly wormed their way into leadership positions across the board. They now sit at or near the head of the IMF, World Bank, even the Federal Reserve. They also control much of what happens at the central banks of China, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, and Europe.

They’re beyond the reach of government and citizens, and hold the fate of the global financial system in their hands.

As citizens realize they’re being barred from their money riots will erupt. It’s going to get really bad, really quick.

2012-2013 Cypriot financial crisis

These entities have been conducting dry runs for years leading up to Ice-Nine.

Pay attention b/c this is precisely what they’re going to do on a global scale.

In exchange for capital injection the IMF demanded control over the Cypriot banking system. More specifically the IMF froze the entire system, every bank in the country, to ensure IMF demands were met including strict capital controls.

Local ATMs went dark. In some cases branches closed permanently. Citizens could not withdraw cash, they could not transfer funds from one account to the other. What came next, wealth extraction on a grand scale. The IMF basically stole 6 to 10% of all the cash in Cypriot bank accounts.

To justify this they called it a ‘levy’, the price citizens had to pay for their government’s missteps.

Asset confiscations were done at the balance sheet level with the institutions themselves. They never had to confiscate individual accounts, they froze every account by controlling a handful of the country’s biggest banks.

When the next crisis hits we’re going to see this around the world, and it will be a highly coordinated global attack on the entire system.


2020 Jim Rickards: Economic freeze is here, get gold, silver if you can and get ready

Frozen in hell

If any stores are open the morning after the reset, accepting cash only, what does that suggest you do soonest possible?

When cash is gone humans will find themselves frozen in electronic hell.

What if access to your money etc. after the reset requires you to get the jab?

Let your voice be heard now, as governments attempt to weave tyranny into new legislation at all levels of government.

Please share this publication to raise awareness and remedial action. TY!

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
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