A Canadian-Hungarian spills the beans on the Ukrainian mafia



A Canadian-Hungarian spills the beans on the Ukrainian mafia;

his view is that Putin is doing us a favour

and the western leaders, including Freeland, are not pleased at what may be revealed, including the bio-labs.


Another Canadian, a blogger, Son of Enos ( often shared by Will Paranormal before he disappeared from the scene), showing videos from Ukraine ( pretty gruesome) of the murdering being done,

and the Russians actually giving out food.

Ends with Bosi from Australia One saying that Putin is cutting the head off the snake.




One Response to “A Canadian-Hungarian spills the beans on the Ukrainian mafia”

  1. Gordon says:

    Well said my man!

    Just what I’ve been saying all along Putin is not a bad man nor are the Russian people.

    Cast your mind back to the Syrian conflict and recall that Assad, like the people of the DPR and LPR, asked for Putin’s help. Putin sent in his Russian forces to Syria but he also sent convoys of humanitarian aid. The west were dumbfounded by this and cried Trojan Horse and accused the Russians of supplying arms in those convoys but none were to be found.

    Therefore ask yourself, who sent in the aid and who sent in weapons and mercenaries.

    The same is being played out in Ukraine.