65% of Americans don’t want war despite massive media brain washing against Russia. It will be nuclear.


Peace activists growing in number as better information spills out about what is going on.

The aim of the Americans is regime change in Moscow, the break-up of Russia into smaller units, getting control of Russia’s resources by the corporations.

Putin pleaded with Western leaders in 2007 at Munich conference to stop moving NATO further and further towards Russia.

They ignored him.

People complain when Putin moved to stop the slaughter of Russians inside Ukraine.  Yet what else could he have done?

The United States and NATO shoved the massacre of civilians down Russia’s throat.

Ukraine signed the Minsk agreements but never abided by the agreements.

If Putin hadn’t liberated the Donbas before the Ukrainian invasion with 50,000 troops and death squads was about to take place on March 8th (found in NATO designated laptops).

Crimea would have been attacked as well.

The Ukrainian army had also shelled into Russia before this liberation happened.

NATO wanted this war.  Are they suicidal?

The US is trying to drag China into this, threatening to subject China with economic sanctions, and even war in the South China Sea.

It will be armageddon if this happens.  Yet many countries are not putting sanctions onto Russia, let alone China.  More people are pro-Russia in the world than anti.  Only 30% of the world’s economy are with the Western governments and NATO.

Only Europe and US are being brain-washed to the point of wanting war.  Yet in US the people are still 65% against war.

NATO aggression is non-stop

Yugoslavia 1999 onwards.

US has 33 Trillion Dollars of debt.

Petrodollar is over, with Saudi Arabia agreeing with China to accept Yuan.