Uploaded 1 hour ago. Russians and DPR advancing carefully trying to avoid civilian casualties, encircling cities.


The DPR forces are trying not to harm civilians and destroy infrastructure.  Russia will ultimately take over the Ukraine so the less destruction the better.  The Nazis know they have no way out and they’ll soon be terminated.  They are killing as many as they can of the Ukrainians who want to end the battle.  The Russian advance is very slow as a result, not that the fightback is holding them up, but the human shield strategy.

The Nazi strategy was to invade Donbass, and the Russians pre-empted that attack by attacking first.

The Azov Nazis are out of control.  The Ukrainian Army blew up the Azov battalion with a missile attack.  They are simply Mad Max now. They love killing, truly Satanic.

Zelensky is like Hitler in the bunker in 1945, says Russell.  NATO is a joke, apart from nuclear bombs.  Russia could take all of Europe if it wants, all the way up to the English Channel.

Russia might stop at Kiev to Moldova line.  The rest might be divided between Hungary or Poland.  Otherwise Russia would react with nuclear weapons to any NATO intervention.

Update on nuclear reactor story.  Western media lying saying Russians attacked the power station.  They secured it and stopped Ukrainian sabotage.

Russians did not bomb Jewish holocaust memorial, as put out by Western media.  Western media is 100% deceptive.  The Russians took out a TV tower near the memorial.  It’s no longer there.

Ukrainian capital has moved to Lvov.  No Russian advance seen West of Kyiv.  Line from Kyiv to Odessa could be the Russian objective, or more likely the northern tip of Moldova north to Cernobyl will be the objective line of advance.

Putin’s popularity in Russia is soaring.  Russians believe Putin has no choice.  The Ukronazis have to be dealt with.

There are still 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers on the Donbass front line.  If they press ahead with the invasion plan and move into Donbass, it will be like Stalingrad.  NATO might use this as an excuse to move into Ukraine.  Russia has ten times more forces available to call on to deal with a NATO move,

Russia is not the enemy of the people of the West, but the western media makes the people feel they are under threat from Russia.  If they get involved in trying to move into Ukraine, the war could go global and go nuclear.  The US started this war in 2014 with the coup d’etat in Kyiv Maidan Square.  The people who are threatening the world right now is the west’s own governments and masters.

The West froze Russia’s money.  Russia froze all western corporate assets in Russia which are far higher in value.  The economic war is also a killing war.  The sanctions are going to backfire.


This lady says the Ukrainian Nazi battalions are killing Russian-speaking Ukrainians.  No translation unfortunately.


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2 Responses to “Uploaded 1 hour ago. Russians and DPR advancing carefully trying to avoid civilian casualties, encircling cities.”

  1. danceaway says:


    Alexander Mercouris explains the different styles of war, encirclement vs shock and awe, with the Russian objective being to avoid creating a political vacuum such as occurred in Iraq. This approach baffles the West, the protagonists of might is right, and leads to incorrect assumptions.