WORD ON THE STREET: New York City Hasidim EVACUATING to Catskill Mountains NOW


Word on the streets here in New York City is that Bus loads of Hasidim are going to their “summer” bungalows ” cottages ” in the Catskill region of NY state that’s about 90 minutes north of NYC.

What makes this a red flag is that these bungalow colonies are SHUTTERED FOR THE WINTER.

These folks don’t go up that way until spring breaks for sure ( no concerns of snow ).

Word on the street is the two main families have decided to move the young (still in studies or not married ) out of NYC due to the possibility of extreme escalation with the things going down in Europe/Russia/Ukraine.

New York City is a prime target for a nuclear strike.

The fact that Hasidim are now allegedly evacuating should be a huge warning to sign to everyone else.

(NOTE: The photo above is a file photo and does not show any present Hasidim activity in NYC.)