Who will be the winners, and who will be the losers?


The Duran.

West Ukraine is being left alone by Russians.  Is there a plan already made for the outcome?

Both Russian and Ukrainian economies could surge after this war, as they are natural economic allies.

The US and EU seem to be targeting a regime change in Russia, crashing the rouble, bringing prices soaring and people on the streets.  The sanctions declared are illegal.  Russians know who’s responsible.

And Russia’s economy is more closed and controlled than most.  Massive attack on Rouble was run but the Russian Central Bank put interest rates to 20% – there is little debt in Russia – and deployed capital to defend the currency.  More attacks will follow.  Will The Central Bank continue defending the currency?  He believes they will and they will succeed, bringing Russia’s exit from the process of globalisation.

Other countries will worry that what’s been done to Russia could be done to them, and will move to make their central banks less dependent on the global central bankers.

Commodity prices are all going to spike.  If Russians can get through the crisis and stabilise, then the problems of the West will hit home – high energy costs, economic slowdown, maybe massive bankruptcy of governments.




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  1. danceaway says:

    This is still available on bit chute, and worth listening to, even though Tap has written a great synopsis of the main points.

  2. Sabremesh says:

    Definitely worth watching.