2 Responses to “What Was so Special about Stephen Lawrence”

  1. emm jay says:

    More ‘specialism’ query from the same guy. This 3 min vt on Islington Borough Council business support … for black people only. White people, just eff off.


    • ian says:

      Yes emm, seems really unfair to ordinary working class traditional white British folks. I suppose their white privilege will catapult their businesses forwards. I’ve read about Watt Tyler and can be sure that English peasants, “read ordinary folks”, never had it easy. In Scotland there were the Highland clearances and the Lowland clearances, where apart from not giving them £5000, they threw them off the land they lived on. The rich guys must have bought it from God. The Irish potato famine was a severe famine, but was made many many times worse because of the English crown removal of other foods from Ireland. The song, “The fields of Athenry”, tell the story of what it was like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr1rzSSMsac

      The old white privilege can wear quite thin sometimes, but then again, stealing a peoples’ heritage and killing most of them into the bargain could only be contemplated and carried out by people who hate and despise the indigenous population and will use any and all underhand vile methods that money can buy. Those last four words name the culprits.