5 Responses to ““What Happened to Boris Johnson”? This Isn’t the Same Man”

  1. David 2 says:

    This girl is deluded.

    Her diatribe about blockchain is that of a sparrow head. Big tech can and will always use technology to control. The globalists are salivating at the prospect of having a crypto tied to a personal QR code. It is their next step in totalitarianism.

    Some people have bought into crypto currencies big time. Crypto and blockchain are part of AGENDA 2030 – living and communicating in cyber reality or cyber space, the internet of things!

  2. Tapestry says:

    The term being used recently is ‘the internet of living things’ which includes beings of spiritual consciousness. The target is the human spirit and our connection to God. The only power Satanists fear is God. Humans are merely waste disposal just as they are Satan’s trash.

  3. emm jay says:

    Boris/Beastie Boys … just for a bit of lightness, passing on a grin at this guys editing style.