VERY BAD: 5G is setting off no-contact voltage testers

VERY BAD: 5G is setting off no-contact voltage testers

Pocketable no-contact voltage testers were first popularized by Fluke in the 1990’s. All they do is sense the magnetic fields put off by live AC wires. Up until now, they have not been known to interact with cell phone towers or anything at radio frequencies because they are designed to pick up 50 or 60 HZ and ignore everything else.

What this guy is showing should be impossible. The claim is that a 5G tower just got switched on near his property and when it did, his no contact voltage tester started going off. He figured it was defective so he went and got a new one with the same results – the 5G tower makes it go off constantly outside, and inside it goes off above chest level. 

These are very proximity sensitive, if he can spin around in the room and have it keep going off, there’s a major problem, it means the 5G tower HAS TO be pumping out enormous amounts of energy. It is not easy to set off a no-contact sensor, it really does have to be practically right on a wire, even when being used for the frequencies it was made for.

This is VERY BAD.

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One Response to “VERY BAD: 5G is setting off no-contact voltage testers”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I find a ringing in the ears or tinnitus is bad at night. I am testing for 5G as I can but have no specific meter for high enough wavelengths. Maybe ask electrician friends for a go with a no contact voltage tester. If there is 5G where would it be coming from? Nearby street lamps?