Ukraine: My tuppence worth. The Irish Savant.

Well if you’re like me you’ve been taken aback by the scale and comprehensiveness of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s the boy who cried wolf all over again I suppose. However, a deeper analysis makes Putin’s move more understandable. I hadn’t been aware that Ukraine has become a de facto if not de jure NATO member, and absolute red line for Russia as Putin had made clear on numerous occasions. As he has pointed out the Ukrainian military control system has already been integrated into NATO and a network of airfields upgraded with US help which enables the rapid transportation of very large numbers of troops. Ukraine’s airspace is open to flights by US strategic and reconnaissance aircraft and drones that conduct surveillance over Russian territory. He added that the US-built Maritime Operations Centre in Ochakov makes it possible to support activity by NATO warships, including the use of precision weapons, against the Russian Black Sea Fleet and its supporting infrastructure.

Since the ZOG coup in 2014 that toppled Ukraine’s elected government and installed a largely Jewish regime in its place Russia has fully supported the Minsk agreement which provides the two eastern republics with political autonomy. But the Ukrainian regime, egged on by its American ZOG puppeteers, has ignored the agreement. In the interim the country has become ZATOised, subjecting the Donbass region to endless blockades, rocket attacks and shelling.  As recorded by the OECD on the day before Russia invaded Kiev fired over 1,500 shells on villages in Donetsk and Luganask. Then there’s the US-backed biological warfare laboratories which have been established throughout Ukraine. Russia says the final straw was Zelensky’s declared intention to restore Ukraine as a nuclear power. In any event this is just the culmination of an unending stream of hostile actions and propaganda against Russia and Putin personally. The penny – kopek – has finally dropped that any form of partnership with the ZATO countries is futile.

A few more thoughts: One of the many possible downside of the Russian action is the reinforcement of Bear Fear in neighbouring countries. This is a great pity because I had harboured (faint) hopes that this block, loosely allied with Russia would provide an obstacle to globo-homo-schlomo. Consider this recent warning from Putin: ”Properly speaking, the attempts to use us in their own interests never ceased until quite recently: they sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature.” Alas, such an alliance seems impossible for the foreseeable future.

Here’s another thought. The descendants of those who implemented the holodomor have mobilised the descendants of the holodomor victims to warfare against their fellow Slavic Christians. Some achievement. But bear in mind what General Smedly Butler said, “all wars are bankers’ wars”. Then there’s the stomach-churning hypocrisy and double-standards of Western media and governments. Bleating about international law, peaceful resolution of disputes and respect for existing borders. This from the destroyers of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and the territorial integrity of Serbia and who support the ongoing warfare and land-grabbing of Israel.

Final thought: Nobody really knows how this will play out. For sure various stakeholders have their plans and believe they know the outcome but history shows us that wars, once started, are devilishly difficult to control. How many ‘limited operations’ have turned out to be years-long orgies of slaughter and destruction? And the current conflict bears chilling resonance with the End-Of-Days prophecy in the Book Of Daniel where the kings of the north and south engage in a cataclysmic final battle.

But let us take heart. David Lammy, Britain’s Stupidest Man (he thought Hitler’s first name was ‘Heil’ and that Mary Antoinette was a famous scientist) has been wheeled in to provide his insight and to develop a solution. Which he’ll do as soon as he’s able to find Ukraine on the map.


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    5 min video laying it out to a tearful westerner