Those who fight back against Satanists face terrible consequences

Formerly trafficked in the porn industry – now speaking out.  Poisoning hitting them – stuff being done to their kids.

Dealing with memories an issue.  They refuse to be victims as their abusers want.  They stand tall.  They drive out demonic influence with help – not from counsellors.

They dedicate themselves to saving others in abuse – make that the human race.

Survivors of trafficking have to be careful who they associate with.  So-called supporters can be the abusers back again in another guise.

Tips on how to spot untrustworthy people moving in on you.  Hold back on what you know.  Keep some things to yourself.

Exposing Satanists hidden in the system is a theme.  Institutions too are involved in crimes against children and humanity, not just individuals.

The most pristine are usually the most dirty.   The women can be more involved than their husbands, in direct communication with Satan every night.

Often the women are worse getting their power from Satan.

Making the decision to get out starts with asking for forgiveness, says Jessie.  Inside bondage, money is easy.   If you get out of bondage, money becomes a fight.

Survivors have to get through and out on their own.  No one can help.  Except Christ.

Watch the anti-trafficking summit.  Neil T Anderson’s book lists out the witchcraft rituals the Satanists have used to entrap you, and how to undo them.

The Satanists try to maintain that power.  They don’t want you free.  Once the trapped confess their sins, the chains start to fall away.  The trapped can then drive the demon out of themselves.

Satanic people know the power of Christ which is why they spend their energy suppressing his power in humans.

Jessie’s new book on how to help people with grief – dealing with veterans.

Walmart shelves are emptying – basic things like female hygiene projects.  Satanic groups are selling them!  Jessie’s group supplying basic needs through donors.

Madyson saving kids from ‘Protective’ services.

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