2 Responses to “This former UK Prime Minister talking about ‘The Fourth Indistrial Revolution’ aka transhumanism”

  1. ian says:

    A charismatic leader figure, you’d think, would be good, but no. Gordon Fkn Brown, Teflon Tony the liar, the poison dwarf Patel, Rishi the banker Sunak, at least I think they said banker, Savage Jabhead.

    It’s a sort of Miss Trunchbull dictatorship with ridiculously dressed spluttering Schwab ruling the unelected roost. Are there no disillusioned ex army snipers going about?

    • Gordon says:

      Nice, especially the sniper bit.

      There’s always been rivalry between Blair and Brown to see who’s going to get the top job and all this cyclops can ever talk about since his days of being a shit Prime Minister is Global Governance and the World Economic Form. Save a bullet for him too.